Microsoft Surface Earbuds To Be On Sale in Europe from May


Microsoft has announced its entry into wireless earbuds space during its Surface event last October with the Surface Earbuds. Microsoft Surface Earbuds Sale Europe May. Everybody is waiting for the first sight of the wireless earbud since then.

Report From WinFuture – What It Claims:

A report from WinFuture is claiming that the earbud will be on 6th May in Europe. The report cites sources in the European retail sector. The report claims that the wireless earbud will be available in multiple European nations from May 6th onwards.

Microsoft Surface Earbuds Sale Europe May

Pricing Of The Earphone:

The report also claims the earphone will launch at a price of 199. This value puts Microsoft’s wireless earphones between Samsung Galaxy Buds+ and Airpods Pro. That seems like a decent place to be in considering

Active Noise Cancellation:

This earbud is expected to have active noise cancellation. Which will be considered a great thing in the market of earphones. The feature pf Active Noise cancellation makes this better choice than the Galaxy Buds+ and also makes it affordable than the Airpod Pro.

Bluetooth Connectivity:

According to reports, Microsft Surface Earbuds will have Bluetooth 4.2. This earphone will also offer Swift Pair.

How Does Swift Pair Work:

Swift Pair when used with surface works same as how Airpods works with Apple devices.

Microsoft hasn’t revealed anything about the availability of the Surface Earbuds, and as such we would recommend you take this information with a pinch of salt. We will update this article with more information as it becomes available so stay tuned.

Microsoft Surface Earbuds Sale Europe May:

The Microsoft Surface Earbuds will be available in European nations from 6th May onwards.

Pricing Of Other Earphones:

The price of other branded earphones like Samsung Galaxy Buds+ is priced at €169. On the other hand price of Apple, Airpod Pro is priced slightly higher than Microsoft Surface, rupees €279.

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