Milton Just Launched an App Enabled Smart Tiffin


INTRO: It looks like regardless of what you would like to shop for, there’s a sensible version of it available. That wasn’t true for things like lunch boxes, but Milton has are available and launched just that. An app-enabled smart tiffin for the office goer who hates microwaved food.

Milton launches the First Ever App Enabled 'Smart Tiffin' that ...

The new tiffin connects to your smartphone and allows you to schedule a heating time for your food. It then heats the food in under half-hour and keeps it hot for an hour so you’ve got any time to eat it hot and (sort of) fresh. Moreover, you’ll even set geolocation to append the tiffin which automatically starts the healing process so as to make sure the food is hot once you reach your location. That sounds quite perfect for a picnic, to be fair.

Since this is often a sensible tiffin, it should accompany voice assistant support and this one does. You can control it using the Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri. So you’re just about covered on all fronts as far as smart features go.

The tiffin is priced at ₹2,999 which seems like a very high price for a tiffin. However, since it does solve the most important issue with tiffin boxes, I personally think it’s an honest price especially if you hate microwaving your food.

Buy the Milton Smart Tiffin from Amazon (₹2,999)

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