Mobdro Not Working? How To Resolve This Issue In Just A Minute


The users can watch and download many android tv box channels and streaming apps. Further, as you know Mobdro is also a popular streaming application just like Kodi Box. You can watch unlimited content from the Mobdro app. Also, it is easy to download and install on your Android TV. You can stream the latest online Movies, Sports, Live TV shows, Music, and much more. It lets you watch your beloved show directly from different internet sources. So, if you have not got this amazing app on your android device then download it by going to Google app store. What will you do if your Mobdro not working? Read the article till the end, if your Mobdro not working.

Moreover, Android TV users can watch online videos from Kodi Box and similar Android apps. Apart from it, if you get any issue with this streaming app then you do not need to worry; we will care about your worries. Here are some easy and effective steps you can apply when your Mobdro app is not working well.

How To Fix Mobdro Not Working Issue?

Firstly, it is an APK app file that can be download to your android devices such as smartphones or Android TV. If your MOBDRO app is not working correctly on your device then follow the beneath steps to resolve this kind of issue.

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Update Or Reinstall Mobdro App

If you are unable to watch any video from the Mobdro app, or if your Mobdro Not Working then try to download the latest version of this app. Here are the steps to download the Mobdro app.

  1. Initially, go to the Home screen of your Android TV.
  2. Then move to the app store by using your android tv’s remote.
  3. You have to click on the Chrome browser to open it. Similarly, type “mobdro app” in the search bar and click on the “Go” button.
  4. From the result list, click on the official website of MOBDRO.
  5. Next, download the newest version of the mobdro app.

That’s it, you get the latest version of the mobdro app now you have to install it by using the following steps.

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mobdro not working

How To Re-install Mobdro App If Mobdro Not Working?

  • First of all, visit Andy Tv’s Home screen through your remote control.
  • Now navigate to your apps tray and select the “File Manager” icon.
  • In the file manager, you need to select the “download” folder.
  • From the Download folder, choose the Mobdro.apk file and double click on it.
  • Similarly, you need to re-install Mobdro.apk by accepting terms and conditions.
  • When the installation completed, you have to click on the open button.
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These steps can resolve your Mobdro app issues. Simply open the mobdro app and start streaming videos, unlimited movies, music as well as Android TV box channels.

As we know, the Mobdro app can be run on Kodi software. Similarly, the users face black screen issues with the mobdro app with Kodi, do not worry we have the solution for that.

How To Resolve Black Screen Issues Of Mobdro App If Mobdro Not Working?

This issue may be arises for a small reason try to apply the following solutions on your Kodi software.

  • If you viewing a black screen in your mobdro app then reboot your device. Once you restart your device, it will clear temporarily stored data on your device as well as solve video playback issues.
  • Moreover, you need to open the “Mobdro” app by visit the app manager from the settings menu. Simply, clear cache and other unnecessary data.

mobdro not working


Hope you have successfully resolve Mobdro Not Working issues on your Android TV. Further, you can install similar streaming apps such as Netflix, CNN  live, HBO go, Natgeo and YouTube, and many others.

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