Best Mouse Bungees That Are Affordable As Well As Smooth

Mouse Bungees

A best mouse bungee can boost your productivity by eliminating causes of distraction for computer users, including entangle bundles of cables, and inconsistent mouse movement. During crunch times and heat gaming sessions, the benefits of using a mouse bungee can be a huge advantage. You can buy these Mouse Bungees.

Wireless accessories are a way to go, although they may come with problems of their own, such as lag times— which a wired mouse can actually solve. However, with a mouse bungee, a wire mouse can feel like a wireless one with no lags. This is thanks to the way the bungee nets out obstructions caused by a clutter of wires on your desk.

What  Are Mouse Bungees?

Best mouse bungee allows your cables to move freely without any friction and interference. They also permit the mouse to run more consistently, promoting the accuracy of your mouse’s output. Mouse bungees come with a rubber guiding arm that secures the mouse cord in a neat line, to eliminate clutter and promote consistent mouse movement.

Factors that Guided our Selection of the Best Mouse Bungees

Several key factors influenced our decision for the best mouse bungees. The first factor was the smoothness of the feed. All our selections allowed for friction-free movement of mouse cords. The mouse bungees in this review enable you to move your mouse back and forth without dragging, pulling, or scratching the cords.

After ensuring that the mouse bungees allowed the free flow of mouse movement, the next thing we wanted to ensure is that the products remain firmly fixated on the table. Our picks are sturdy enough to withstand pulls from quick motions without jerking or drifting.

Besides these two fundamental attributes, we also looked for any extra benefits that come with models. The best mouse bungees are also designed to enhance aesthetics on your table. They also come with extra accessories, including those for power and multiple USB cords, to make for greater convenience.

Best Mouse Bungees of 2020

Enhance Pro Gaming Mouse Bungees

Enhance is a brand renown for its trailblazing excellence. It’s no surprise that this Enhance model is the runaway winner of the best mouse bungee in the market today. It ticks all the boxes of the criteria for the best mouse bungee, from fluidity to sturdiness, convenience, and aesthetics.

With more weight at the base, the model stands solidly on a desk without jerking or sliding, even during high-octane gaming sessions. The sturdiness of the device is also complemented by its spring-loaded arm that provides a fixed point of reference. The spring-loaded appendage prevents you from getting your wires tangled up when emotions go running high. For thin cables, there’s an elastic mouse cord holder that serves to promote neatness further.

When it comes to extras, this Enhance model is quite generous. It comes with 4 USB hubs and to top it all, an ambient light. You can also choose from 6 different color styles to make the device blend perfectly with other components of your gaming system.

Mouse Bungees

KLIM RGB Extension Mouse Bungees

Made for serious gamers who’re keen on eliminating disruptions, frictions and clutters during game time, the KLIM Bungee boasts both sturdiness and fluidity. While its highly flexible rubber arm makes for fluid movement, its pyramid-shaped base ensures it remains firmly fixated on a table when put to use. It’s also a very stable mouse bungee because of its heftiness which prevents it from drifting or toppling.

To further promote seamless gaming sessions, KLIM sports 3 USB 3.0 ports which run with a 6GB data-transfer rate, and it also comes with a micro-SD card reader. You also have the option to expand the number of USB ports in the device.

But that’s not all there is to the bells and whistles which this top-notch gamers’ mouse bungee features. The device also comes with an RGD backlight functionality which alternates colors automatically to enhance the thrills of gaming further.

Cougar Bunker Gaming Mouse Bungees

This is a mouse bungee with excellent design from one of the leading manufacturers of gaming PC cases. Cougar’s outstanding design expertise that has kept them in the lead shines through in this piece. The company has managed to substitute weightiness with a vacuum design for even greater stability in this model.

With the vacuum design, the bungee fastens more firmly to a surface than other hefty models can. This vacuum design’s suction cup also allows the model to sit tight with a smaller base. Hence, making the product an excellent portable option. The lightweightness of the Cougar Bunker complements its potability, and this makes it an ideal model to take with you to LAN parties.

The Cougar Bunker also utilizes a very flexible rubber arm to cater to the brisk motions that serious gamers often subject their mouse to. Given a choice, many pro gamers would love the advantages that the Cougar bunker offers over those of every other model.

BenQ Zowie Camade Mouse Bungee

This model is built with simplicity at the heart of its design, to enable hassle-free mouse cable management. It makes for seamless mouse movement and allows you to adjust its height for greater convenience and control. The adjustable spring that makes for height adjustment works in tandem with a clip which secures the mouse cable in place. This clip is compatible with just about every mouse cable.

Standing at an adjusted height and holding the cord in place with a tight clip, this BenQ Zowie model sits firmly affixed on a desk with its rubber feet. With these specs, this model is the best mouse bungee for a neat, clutter-free mouse cable management. Also, given its price range, the model makes a strong case for being one with the best price-to-value ratio.

Razer Anti-Slip Mouse Bungees

This model provides you with one of the sturdiest setups and commands a high-end price for that. Its expensive nature might also be justified by its alluring aesthetics. The model boasts impressive comeliness, but its design is quite neat and simple enough for easy cord management.

This product’s base takes on quite a weight. It also comes with anti-slip feet designed to enhance its sturdiness. To make for easier cord management, the model’s composition makes for a neat setup and helps free up more space.

Mouse Bungees

Razer had to dig deep into its repertoire to come up with this build, and they’re charging quite a lot for it. This model is more expensive than most of its competition out there, but it also comes with a robust, alluring design that makes it an excellent cable management system.

NPET H01 Gaming Mouse Bungee

For a low-end product, NPET H01 comes with quite a stunning design. It also comes with prolific functionalities. The product boasts a high-grade construct that features anti-slip feet, as well as a cyan and LED backlight.

With a flexible silicone arm, the model sports a locked point of reference that makes for high accuracy during intense gaming sessions. The flexible arm allows for a full range of motion to prevent cords from getting entangled. This range of features makes the NPET H01 a highly convenient option for cord management.

Another compelling feature that boosts its appeal is the LED light switch. If you or your roommates find the LED backlight distracting, you can turn it off in an instance. There are also 4 USB ports that allow you to plug in other peripherals in addition to the mouse, including headphones, speakers, and other USB devices.


Hopefully, you like the list that we have created. Let us know in the comment section which mouse bungee are you planning to buy and why.

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