How to Move or Copy Mail From One Gmail Account to Another


Now, moving or copying mail from one Gmail account to another is easy. There are two main methods that can be used to move mail between two Gmail accounts. You can either move mail manually using an email program like Microsoft Outlook or Using Gmail fetching options.

To begin with it, first you will need to modify your old Gmail account for POP access then your new Gmail account to retrieve the old messages then add your old account’s credentials to your new account. Therefore, make sure to read the below article completely to not miss any important updates.

Steps to Configure POP Access for Your Old Account

You can follow below steps to activate POP or also known as Post Office Protocol to your old Gmail account. If you have already setup POP access for your old account then also, make sure that all email services or programs are configured in order to download mail from your old Gmail account using POP are set not to check mail itself.

1. First of all, click on the Account Settings icon located at the top right of the screen.

2. Here, a list will appear with a number of options. Simply, click on the Settings option.

3. Now, click on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP.

4. Here, look for POP Download section.

5. Now, select Status against the Enable POP for all mail.

Bonus Tip #1: Now, you will don’t need to pick them up. There is no need to move messages to the old account’s inbox for the new account. The things will be done automatically like the archived mail will be fetched and copied to the new account itself.

6. Now, from the drop down menu, choose the archive Gmail’s copy. Now, your old account’s inbox will be cleared.

7. Now, click on delete Gmail’s copy to select it instead to move mail instead of copying it.

8. The choice is yours, if you don’t want to touch the original messages then you can select an option called keep Gmail’s copy in the Inbox.

9. Even, if you want to leave the original email in the Inbox then you can select the mark Gmail’s copy as read option.

Bonus Tip #2: If you want to let some messages stay in the old account then you can find them under Trash label. They will be there for 30 days only.

10. Once done, you can click on Save Changes.

11. Voila! Now, you will be able to see all your old e-mails.


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Steps to Make Your New Gmail Account Fetch Messages

Here, below we have featured a detailed step by step guide to make your new Gmail account fetch messages in order to transfer them.

1. First of all, login into your account.

2. Here, click on the Settings Gear Icon.

3. Here, a menu will pop-up. Simply click on Settings.

4. Now, head over to give Accounts and Import tab.

5. Here, look for Check mail from other accounts.

6. Now, click on the Add a mail account option.

7. Just, enter the e-mail address of the Gmail account.

8. Once done, click on Next.

9. Now, click on Import emails from my other account (POP3) option to select it.

10. Then, click on Next.

11. Now, you have to verify the entered Gmail Account.

12. In order to import from ride Gmail account, enter the password of the same.

13. Now, under POP Server section, click on to select it.

14. Under Port, click on 995 to select it.

15. Make sure that Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server is not checked.

16. Make sure that Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail is checked.

17. Now, head over to the Label incoming messages option under Options then select it.

18. Here, click on Archive incoming messages (Skip the Inbox) to select it. Thus, in your new Gmail account, the imported emails will not show up.

19. Next, click on Add account.

Bonus Tip #3: You will need to authorize Gmail itself if you have enabled 2-step authentication. If you not have enabled 2-step authentication then make sure that less secure apps are allowed to access Gmail account.

20. Next, under Would you also like to be able to send mail [email protected]? Click on Yes, I want to be able to send mail as [email protected] to select it.

Bonus Tip #4: Setup your old Gmail account as sending address in the new account. Now, the Gmail will recognize your old sent messages.

21. Click on Finish and you are done.


Steps to Make Your Gmail Accounts Recognize Each Other

1. This guide continues from Yes, I want to be able to send mail [email protected]

2. Simply click on Next Step.

3. Now, enter your Name then click on Next Step.

4. Make sure that Treat as an alias is checked.

5. Then, again click on Next Step.

6. Now, click on Send Verification.

7. Here, click on Close Window.

8. In the top right corner of Gmail, you will find Account icon. Simply click on it.

9. Next, click on Sign out on the next window.

10. Here, you have up login using the email address from which you import.

11. Now, open the Gmail Confirmation message from Gmail Team.

12. Under confirmation code, Highlight and copy the numeral confirmation code.

13. Again, click on the Account icon located in the top right corner.

14. Next, click on Sign out.

15. Now, again login to your Gmail account with the account you wish to import.

16. Just click on Settings Gear Icon.

17. Next, click on Settings from the menu.

18. Head over to the Accounts and Import tab.

19. Under Send mail as section, click on Verify the old Gmail account.

20. Under Enter and verify the confirmation code section, simply paste the verification code.

21. Now, click on Verify.

22. Here, the Gmail account is recognized.

In batches of approx 100 to 200, Gmail will download the mails from your old account. The oldest messages will be imported first like the descending order. Apart from that Gmail will download messages in your old Gmail account’s Sent Mail label. Once, the importing is completed then you can use the old address with your new Gmail account, like combining the two accounts.

Steps to Stop Continued Importing of Mail from the Source Gmail Account

1. First of all login with your new Gmail account.

2. Next, click on the Settings Gear Icon.

3. Now, click on the Settings option from the menu.

4. Next, head over to the Accounts and Import section.

5. Under Check mail from other accounts (using POP3) section, click on Delete the Gmail account.

6. Under Are you sure you want to delete this mail account? Click on OK.

7. Here, your account will be gone.

Moving Emails Manually

If you want to do the moving and importing work manually then you can use program like Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook. Then you can manually drag individual folders and messages.

Summing Up

Here, we have discussed and featured the complete guide to move or copy mail from one Gmail Account to another. Comment below if you have any restrictions while following or executing the guide.

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