Movie Channels Viewership Increased in Week 3 of Lockdown


Indians are spending more time in front of television screens. As Government has announced a 21-days lockdown due to coronavirus, everyone is watching TV. Whether it is news or cinemas. Movie Channels Viewership Increased 3rd Week Lockdown.

According to reports, Indians have spent almost 1.27 trillion minutes in front of the television. This is the highest in a week.

What BARC Had To Say:

The latest consumption of Television and smartphones has increased by 43% in the third week of lockdown compared to the pre-lockdown period. The average daily use of TV and smartphones has increased by 12% to 627 million and daily time spent per user has also gone up to 4 hours and 48 minutes, from 3 hours and 46 minutes in pre-Covid19 time.

Viewers are not only watching more hours but they are also watching different channels. On average, users are flipping 23 channels more.

Movie Channels Viewership Increased 3rd Week Lockdown

The viewership of the time 7-11 pm has increased by 11%. The rest of the time has increased by 81% growth.

It is also reported that the users are watching TV till midnight has increased.

Viewership of sports channels have decreased drastically due to the absence of any live matches. On the other hand, the repeat telecast of classic matches has increased.

Movie Channels Viewership Increased 3rd Week Lockdown – News Channels And Movies:

Movie Channels Viewership Increased 3rd Week Lockdown

Movie channels and news channels have seen growth due to lockdown boredom and updates related to the Coronavirus pandemic. At a higher base, the movie genre saw a 77% jump in viewership over January. Also, 54% of viewers spent over 1 hour on the genre, and the number has been growing week-on-week, BARC data suggest.

DD National – The New Boss:

DD National channel has started airing their old classics. That includes ‘Ramayana’, ‘Mahabharatha’, ‘Byomkesk Bakshi’ and ‘Shaktiman’. DD National has become the latest leader in entertainment.

Also, during the airing of ‘Ramayan’ — 9-10:30 am and 9-10:30 pm — DD National’s viewership was higher than the combined viewership of the rest of the Hindi general entertainment channels. The viewership of the two slots on DD has jumped by more than 390 times and 450 times, respectively.

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