Netflix Becomes The Biggest OTT Gainer During This Lockdown

Netflix Biggest OTT Gainer Lockdown

As the Government has announced lockdown, OTT platforms like Netflix has seen a huge profit in their business. As people are staying home, as an entertainment platform they are relying highly on the OTT platforms. Netflix Biggest OTT Gainer Lockdown.

OTT Industry During This Lockdown:

OTT industry has seen an increasing curve both in demand and revenue they are earning. Among them, Netflix has become the biggest OTT during this quarantine period. It is expected that the online video streaming platforms will gain their popularity more this lockdown period.

Netflix Biggest OTT Gainer Lockdown- Netflix Users Are Spending A Lot of Time In This Platform:

According to analysis, users are spending 8 minutes on an average per day on Netflix.

The main reason behind the increased demand for Netflix is its original premium contents and shows like Jaamtara, Taj Mahal 1989 and Yeh Bullet. Also, the average daily users (DAU) and the open rate of Netflix increased by 102% and 68% respectively.

Netflix Biggest OTT Gainer Lockdown

Rolling Out Of New Contents And Shows On Netflix:

Netflix will roll out more original content and episodic shows or series in the second phase of lockdown. The main reason behind this is to cater to the entertainment needs of the users.

Hotstar Records 30% Decrease In Their Session Time:

Hotstar has seen a 30% decrease in their session time during this lockdown. The major reason behind the decrease is the different content libraries on the platform. Also, the absence of sporting events.

Netflix Biggest OTT Gainer Lockdown

However, it is expected that with the launch of Disney+ in India, Hotstar will retain the demand as the service has attracted eight million subscribers just after the launch.

Amazon Gained 83% More DAU:

Though the demand for Amazon is slightly inclined towards the negative side, the steaming platform witnessed 83% more daily average users (DAU) in the lockdown period. Also, the platform is pushing out some of the premium shows for its users to make sure they have an entertaining quarantine period.

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