Netflix Facing Legal Issues over Controversial Temple Scene in India


INTRO: Apart from trying out new things to enhance the user experience, we saw the Indian government take hold of OTT streaming platforms within the country. Now, according to recent reports, a few Indian leaders have filed police complaints against Netflix for showing a Hindu girl kissing a Muslim boy in front of a temple.

The scene is from the latest web series, A Suitable Boy, which is based on the classic novel of the same name written by one of India’s celebrated writer, Vikram Seth. It is directed by the Indian director, Mira Nair, and shows the search of a woman, named Lata, to seek out an ideal husband in post-independence India.

So, in one of the scenes, Lata, who is a girl from the Hindu community, kissed a Muslim boy who was her love interest in the series. Moreover, the scene was shot with a Hindu temple within the backdrop.

As a result, after watching the scene, the inside Minister of Madhya Pradesh (MP), Narottam Mishra said, “It has extremely objectionable scenes that have hurt the emotions of a specific religion. I’ve directed cops to urge this controversial content tested to work out what action are often taken against the producer-director of the film for hurting religious sentiments”.

Apart from this, Gaurav Tiwari, a youth leader of India’s current ruling party, stated that he filed a further complaint against Netflix. Moreover, Tiwary warned of street protests if the streaming platform allows the series to exist within the future.

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