New Animated Emojis And Archives Now Available On Telegram


On Sunday, Telegram has introduced some new features. New Animated Emojis Archives Available Telegram. The new features include chat folders with desktop sync, unlimited pins, and swipe to archive. The users will get statistics of channels and new animated emojis too.

New Animated Emojis Archives Available Telegram

New Animated Emojis Archives Available Telegram :

Due to COVID-19, everyone is locked at their homes, employees are working from home. This made everyone rely on apps more than ever before.

What The Company Had To Say:

The company said with the new update will bring features like new animated emojis, swipe to archive, etc. This will help users “separate work from fun” and also “separate fun stuffs with office stuff”. It then also lets users swipe between tabs to access chats.

New Animated Emojis Archives Available Telegram

The Telegram Update: Features Like Chat Folders With Desktop Sync

To let the chat lists hold more loads, Telegram has introduced chat folders. In its blog post Telegram quoted, “To make sure everyone‘s chat lists can handle the increased load and you don’t miss important messages, we’re introducing Chat Folders today,”.

How To Enable Chat Folders With Desktop Sync:

Folders will be available when the chat list will grow larger. Users can also enable them manually. A user just needs to head to the ‘settings’ option on their app and navigate to the ‘Folder’ option manually.

Telegram has also said that this feature will be available on their desktops too!

Telegram officials also said, “Thanks to the extra space available on your computer screen, we’ve added a folder sidebar as well as some icons to make your folders more recognizable,”.

New Telegram Update – Swipe To Archive:

Other features that have been added are swipe to archive, voice recording animations on Android platforms, unlimited pins and much more.

The swipe left to archive lets users transfer a particular chat to the archive folder. However, the archived chat will pop back into the chat list, upon a new message. The company also said that the feature would not work on Android if the user is using the chat folder option.

The latest update of Telegram will let users send animated emojis also.

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