New Apple TV with A12X Chipset Ready to Ship: Rumor

Apple TV 4K

INTRO: The smart TV box from Apple has been rumored to be in line for a refresh for quite some time. So Today, the most famed Apple leaker, Jon Prosser said in his tweet a refreshed Apple TV model is ready to ship.

Apple TV with A12X chipset ready to Ship say Rumors

As if go by the recent rumors by the famed Apple leaker, Jon Prosser according to him a refreshed Apple TV model is ready to ship. In his tweet, Prosser said that the new updated Apple TV model will feature the A12X chipset and come in two storage variants range which is — 64GB and 128GB. So far as now, there are no details about when Apple might be planning to release the new  TV, and Prosser said as much in his tweet. He did, however, add that a release might happen anytime.

Apple was Long Overdue for Internal Upgrade

So the company’s Television is long overdue for an internal upgrade on its TV. Earlier just the Cupertino giant had a 4K Apple TV for a while now, and it only comes with 32GGB or 64GB storage options in it along with the A10X chipset variant. That also, by technology standards, and it is historic in 2020.

The latest Rumours of a new Television from company have also begun since the hints about the new Apple TV along with an updated remote in the source code for iOS 14. If the company is actually planning and has a new Apple TV ready to ship, we are hoping the company surely does change the design of the remote along with all the internal storage upgrades that are rumored for it.

Jon Prosser, the famed leaker has been always incredibly accurate with his leaks specially related Ios, which leads us to believe that maybe this information can also be pretty accurate. But, It is a leak, after all. Let’s wait and watch what comes in the Future.


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