New Bose Frames with USB-C Charging Spotted on FCC


INTRO: Bose is preparing a new pair of audio-enabled sunglasses and it will join the company’s Bose Frames lineup of glasses. The company currently offers two models namely Bose Frames Alto and Bose Frames Rondo.

The premium audio equipment maker’s latest glasses have skilled FCC, thereby revealing the planning and a couple of key specifications. The major difference in terms of design in comparison to its predecessors is that the new model features a half-frame or semi-rimless design. Hence, you won’t be getting the frame rock bottom half the glasses.

Another change is that the new Frames feature a convenient USB-C port for charging against the magnetic charging mechanism found in their predecessor. The new Bose Frames also will accompany a politician IPX4 rating for water resistance.

New Bose Frames with USB-C Charging Spotted on FCC | Beebom

Well, that’s everything we all know about Bose’s upcoming audio glasses at this moment. As The Verge points out, these glasses will lack AR capabilities because the company discontinued the Bose AR program in June.

“Bose AR didn’t become what we envisioned. It’s not the primary time our technology couldn’t be commercialized the way we planned, but components of it’ll be wont to help Bose owners in a different way. We’re good with that. Because our research is for them, not us,” a Bose spokesperson told Protocol back once they dropped their AR research.

There’s no word on when the new Bose Frames will launch, or for a way much. We will be covering it when it happens though, so stay tuned.

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