New Xiaomi Patent Shows Smartphone That Can Store Earbuds Inside


INTRO: Xiaomi is an organization that isn’t reluctant to explore different avenues regarding new innovation for its items. We have seen the organization thought of some abnormal yet cutting edge items like the Mi shrewd shades or the Mi Smart Curtains. Presently, as per an ongoing report, the organization is taking a shot at a cell phone that can store and (most likely) charge remote earbuds inside it.

The report by the Dutch media house, LetsGoDigital, states that Xiaomi as of late documented two licenses in China and the Netherlands. These two licenses allude to a cell phone that accompanies two committed openings to store remote earbuds inside the cell phone itself. In the event that they could make this cell phone effectively, at that point it will be a farewell to the charging cases that current really remote earbuds accompany.

In what capacity Will It Work?

Presently, as per the licenses, the cell phone will accompany two long funnel like openings on the top in which the earbuds will slide into. To annihilate any burden, the licenses express that the earbuds will accompany a portable “head” that can point upwards when put away inside the telephone and become rakish to effortlessly fit the ears of a client.

There aren’t any photos to show how the structure will resemble. In any case, people at LetsGoDigital have made a GIF render of a cell phone, in view of the licenses. Look at it beneath.

Presently, as should be obvious in the picture over, the earbuds go straight inside the telephone through the two spaces at the top. Furthermore, as per the patent, these earbuds will likewise be intended to fill in as one of the essential speakers of the gadget.

The Barriers of the Design

Specifically, I kinda burrow the plan and love the way that there will be no requirement for an outside charging case for the buds. In any case, to accomplish this, there some significant obstructions that Xiaomi needs to consider.

Initially, they need to consider the thickness of the earbuds as it will legitimately influence the thickness of the cell phone. Along these lines, a thick pair of earbuds will radically expand the thickness of the cell phone.

Xiaomi patents a smartphone design with in-built earbuds | Digit

Besides, there is the factor of cleanliness. Particularly in this season of the pandemic, the Chinese organization needs to think about an approach to keep the buds perfect as we keep cell phones in our build up filled pockets more often than not. In this way, on the off chance that the residue and other little particles get inside the space and, at that point into the earbuds, at that point whenever clients put the buds in their ears, the residue will enter the clients’ ears from the buds.

Aside from these, there are a few different issues that may become serious issues for this structure. For example, with this plan, there will no possibility of adding water-protection from the cell phone, making it a fairly feeble gadget contrasted with different cell phones in the market.

Nonetheless, I am certain that engineers in Xiaomi have considered these issues. What’s more, when/on the off chance that they discharge the cell phone in the market, these issues will be unraveled by at that point.

Included Image Courtesy: LetsGoDigital

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