Niantic Brings Team Rocket “Hot Air Balloons” in Pokemon GO


INTRO: If you are a Pokemon fan, then there are high chances that you are familiar with the notorious Team Rocket’s hot air balloon in the series. Well now, expect to ascertain that infamous hot air balloon floating around you while playing Pokemon GO.

Since the launch of the sport back in 2016, we’ve seen Niantic improve the sport by pushing relevant updates. However, after the increase of the Coronavirus pandemic, we saw the Pokemon company deliver updates to play the sport from home. And now, Niantic is bringing yet one more feature to assist fans to simply play their favorite game while remaining indoors.

Team Rocket Balloons Are Showing Up In 'Pokémon GO' | News Break

So, the Pokemon company, to assist Pokemon GO payers to battle the Team GO Rocket players without getting to nearby Pokestops, has slowly begun to roll out a mobile Team Rocket hot air balloon in the game. Niantic officially announced the feature via a tweet. They also shared a video on their official YouTube Channel which you’ll inspect below.

This hot air balloon currently spawns randomly locations and players got to be above level 40 to witness the balloon, as of now. However, the corporate plans to roll out the feature for all players soon.

This feature is especially added to the sport as many of the Pokemon GO players haven’t been ready to access the Team GO Rocket battles thanks to the mandatory lockdowns in most countries.

So now, rather than getting to nearby Pokestops, players can catch one among these balloons, that carry a Team Pokemon GO Rocket executive, to select a foreign battle with the villainous Team Rocket.

So, have you ever witnessed any Team GO Rocket hot air balloons near you? If you have, then do let us know down in the comments.

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