No WiFi Games For You Who Doesn’t Have Access To WiFi


If you’re on the move a lot, you’ll be used to long periods of time without the internet. Whether it’s another long-haul flight or overnight bus ride, or just too much time spent on the subway where radio waves fear to tread, having no Wi-Fi or cell service is common even in this day and age. Here are some best no WiFi games for you.

Thankfully, not having a signal doesn’t mean you can’t play some of the best mobile games on the market. Intentionally or not, many developers have made great games that don’t need Wi-Fi at all.

I’ve been working my way through dozens of them on long journeys recently, but these are the ones I’ve been returning to time and again.

Some of them are free, some aren’t. I’ve stayed away from those requiring continuous attention or spending a lot on in-app purchases to be enjoyable.

Without further ado, here are ten of the best offline games to get you through your own endless travel days. They’re all available on both iOS and Android.

List Of No WiFi Games:

1. Monument Valley 2

The original Monument Valley breathed fresh air into mobile gaming. It combined gorgeous graphics with challenging problems and wonderful, wordless storytelling in a way we’d never seen before.

Set in a colorful, Escher-inspired world, its only fault was that it was overall too quickly, leaving players desperately wanting more. Now they’ve got it.

The sequel delivers new levels and characters but otherwise doesn’t tinker much with what made the first edition so good. It’s a mesmerizing experience, with puzzles that regularly convince you that you’ll never be able to solve them. Until you do.

no wifi games

Each level is different: sometimes you control both the mother and daughter characters, sometimes one or the other. Platforms move up and down, sections rotate, columns move around, and there’s suddenly a path to the exit that didn’t exist a second earlier.

It’s a game that’s far better to explore than to explain, easily worth the few dollars it costs. Don’t expect it to get you all the way through a transcontinental flight, though. Like the original, you’ll finish it in a few hours of dedicated play, and be left wanting more yet again. This is No WiFi Games.

2. The Room: Old Sins

Released way back in the mists of time (ok, 2012), The Room quickly became a classic. One of those rare games that managed to be genuinely scary at times, the level of detail and difficulty meshed perfectly with the mysterious storyline, and made it arguably the best mobile puzzle game available. This game is No WiFi Games.

This, the fourth edition in the series, follows right along from the previous three. An ambitious engineer and his wife have disappeared, and the trail leads right to the attic of their house. Inside lies a peculiar dollhouse… and that’s where the fun begins. This game is a No WiFi Games.

3. Really Bad Chess The No WiFi Games

If there’s one thing I know how to do, it plays really bad chess. The developer of this game felt the same way, so decided to make his own version — with one big difference.

While the board and rules are all the same, the starting pieces are entirely different for both players. It looks a lot like what you’d get if you put a few hundred chess pieces in a bag, shook them around, and pulled them out at random. Three queens, six knights, and a scattering of pawns? Sure, sounds great.

No WiFi Games

Playing against the AI (or if you pay for the unlocked version, someone sitting beside you), the random assortment of pieces helps even things up, and lets even novice players have a decent chance of success.

As you get better, you rise up the rankings, which means that although the pieces stay random, their quality changes. The overwhelming advantage you had against the computer swings the other way, and winning gets much harder.

4. Mini Metro:

Ever had a strange desire to run your own subway system? No, neither have I, but that hasn’t seemed to stop me playing a lot of Mini Metro.

Based very loosely around the maps of various major cities like London, New York, and Paris, the idea is to build a functioning metro to service your ever-growing population. You start with a limited number of trains, carriages, lines, and tunnels, and need to intelligently deploy them as the city grows. You’ll gain a few extras and upgrades if you last long enough, but they never quite feel like enough to get ahead for long. This is No WiFi Games.

It’s deceptively simple in the early stages, but that changes quickly as new population centers pop up. With more people using the network, it gets progressively harder to avoid the overcrowding that ends the standard game. You can also play in endless mode, which switches off overcrowding for a more relaxing experience.

No WiFi Games

The minimalist graphics and soundtrack do their job well, and once you’ve bought the game, there are no ads or in-app purchases to contend with. Each game is randomly generated for endless replayability, and the developers have even included colorblind and night modes. This is another No WiFi Games.

End Verdict:

These were some of the most popular no wifi games that you can download and play. Let us know if you liked any of these.

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