Nokia 3310 Concept Video: See How Modern The Look Will be

Nokia 3310 Concept Video

The all new revamped Nokia 3310 concept video is now on the Internet by a Youtube channel named Concept Creator. As I earlier mentioned, Nokia 3310 will feature camera on its back, same concept is shown in the video.

Nokia 3310 is launching again, people didn’t ready to believe this news but that’s officially said by the company HMD Global.

Nokia 3310 Concept Video
Photo Credits: Concept Creator

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What says, Nokia 3310 Concept Video…

The brand new revamped Nokia 3310 claims support for 256K colours on the screen of 1.5 Inch. A decent looking camera on the back, support for FM radio, 8GB internal storage, microUSB port for charging and data transfer, and 1650mAh battery that delivers standby time of up to 235 hours.

The previous model was featuring 1000mAh battery with two-tone green & black display.

On the other hand, design is still bit similar to that of previous version, also having the same keyboard style with alphanumeric keyboard.

The price of smartphone will be near about INR 4000.

Here’s the Nokia 3310 Concept Video

This video was uploaded on Youtube by a user named Concept Creator.

What you think about Nokia 3310?

Yes, I really want to know what you guys think about a feature phone in the present age of smartphones. Nokia has an amazing brand value but is a feature means in era of smartphones?

Leave your feedback in comment section below.

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