Nokia 3310 Feature Phone Revamped: Launching on 26th February 2017 at MWC

Nokia 3300 Feature Phone Refreshed

Nokia 3310 Feature Phone is one of the most popular and perfect phone by Nokia. I also have three of Nokia feature phones; Nokia 3310, 1600 & 1616. In mobiles world, there’s no company (even Samsung) could beat this phones.

The compatibility, perfectness & sturdiness will never seen again in any other feature phones rather than Nokia. That’s why we all prefer Nokia when it comes to mobile phones.

Now, the latest news claims that, HMD Global has revamped Nokia 3310 model and it’s going to be launched at MWC event, which is on 26th February 2017.

Nokia 3310 Feature Phone Refreshed

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Nokia 3310 Feature Phone New Price

Yes, the price is out ahead of the launch of this feature phone. The phone is priced at EUR 59 (Approx Rs. 4,000). When it was in run, its price is near about Rs. 4,400.

Obviously, you will get little more features according to present criteria of market but even after that phone would be totally awesome.

Nokia 3310 Feature Phone Specifications

The phone is likely to be look like the same but will feature some more stunning features than previous.

When we look at this phone, this phone didn’t features a loud-speaker but this time it’s supposed to features one.

Also, you can get any radio or music player with this phone but in revamped model you might get a chance to see so.

Nokia 3310 doesn’t had a camera when it was launched in June, 2003. Dissimilar to that, this time you may get to see a little camera in the rear side of the phone.

Buy Nokia 3310 Online: How to Buy?

Feature phones like Nokia 3310, are sold using offline stores; retailers mostly. At present, we can’t commit about the availability of Nokia 3310 but it’s likely to be sold via offline store.

Nokia 3310 Feature Phone: What you think?

So, what you think about Nokia 3310. Leave your feedbacks via comment section below.

Repeatedly, the phone is going to be launched at MWC EVENT on 26th February 2017 and this event will start at 4:30PM (9:00PM) IST.


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