5 Reasons Why Redmi Note 4 Is Worst Smartphone Ever!

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Review

The insanely popular Redmi Note 4, which is called to be the best budget smartphone everywhere has some serious issues which makes it to hard to handle. Well, we are posting this article after using Redmi Note 4 for more than 1 month and finally we came to the conclusion that this smartphone isn’t that good as mentioned all around.

So, today we are going to look up at 5 reason which will wash your mind to buy this phone. The reasons are genuine and all were faced by us.

Before we get stared be sure to checkout our Redmi Note 4 Review post. Also, the reason listed below are depend on your needs. Looking at the performance, there’s no such smartphone available in the market to beat the Redmi Note 4 at this price.

1. Worst Ever Camera

Redmi Note 4 issues

The Redmi Note 4 can take better shots in daylight, heard it? No, of course wrong. The image reproduction quality is insanely bad and there will always some noise on the image even they are clicked in proper day lighting.

We won’t commit more about the night as we have never saw such bad camera working.

Xiaomi claims the camera has background illumination feature which will help in taking decent shots with it! We are still struggling and eager to see this feature on the unit we have.

Talking about the front camera, that’s too surprisingly bad. The quality is just worst. Every shot taken with the phone are full of noise and colour reproduction is sometime difficult to judge.

Camera is not wide to make yourself fit in the selfie. Also recording videos with it is just the craziest worst I ever did.

Anyways, the fact is, Camera of Redmi Note 4 is just not as good as it could be.

2. No Quick Charge Support

Redmi Note 4 issues

At the price of Rs 13000, the quick charge support is a welcome feature but the Redmi Note 4 lacks it. It took up to 3 hours to get completely with screen turned off. And if you’re using it, while charging consistently then you may have wait for up to 4 – 5 hours.

However, the battery life is just amazing, you can easily end up your day by using the smartphone all the time and plug it to charger at night.

But talking about the charging, it’s just annoying. Though the phone takes more time to charge, it lasts long. You can tolerate the battery of Redmi Note 4 by thinking the same.

3. Microphone Quality

Redmi Note 4 issues

Being a music enthusiast, I have tried to record few vocals with it. Trust me or not, the sound is too robotic and like produced using softwares.

Comparing the quality with the previous smartphone I have, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the microphone quality is very bad.

Also, the noise of wind is easily be felt into the recording and even, the sound produced by it, isn’t sound real.

So, it isn’t a big problem for you if you’re not going to use microphone that much, but if you’re someone like me who love to record vocals or random stuffs then, this isn’t a good choice for you.

4. No Perfect Tempered Glass Available!

Redmi Note 4 issues

I wasn’t really aware of this smartphone at the time I ordered the smartphone but when moved to purchase accessories in the market, have to face that.

The price of the edge to edge tempered glass is extremely high on the eCommerce sites such as Flipkart or Amazon.

Later on, I was able to find the perfect Tempered glass for my Redmi Note 4, when I was out of my town.

Also, the Back cover of Redmi Note 4 which is available in the market right now are not going to fit perfectly with your smartphone. Well, that’s because of the China variant they made.

This is a serious issue as the metal body of Redmi Note 4 is extremely slippery and I have dropped down my phone a couple of times when holding it without case.

5. Hybrid SIM Slot

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Review: Design & Display

Well, this is not a big issue as every smartphone which are coming these days have the same problem. Basically, this type of slot can only handle TWO SIM or ONE SIM ONE SD CARD at a time.

This is a big issue for those who want to expand their memory card bit more and use both the SIM Cards at same time.

But we don’t think it’s really that great problem for those who have 64GB Variant.

These Were the 5 Reason to Not Buy the Redmi Note 4

Well, these were the all issues which we had personally felt with the Redmi Note 4. If you’re someone who is planning to get a smartphone which have this issues then go with the Moto G5 Plus which is insanely better than any other smartphone in the market.

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