Nvidia Has Started Teasing Its Next-Gen RTX 3000 GPUs


INTRO: Earlier this year, Nvidia unveiled its new GPU architecture, Ampere. At that specific event, the corporate announced Ampere powered data center processors, with no real information about consumer-grade graphics cards. However, the corporate is finally getting to unveil its printing operation from RTX series GPUs on September 1. And today, it’s teasing these upcoming GPUs just a touch bit.

Nvidia posted a video on YouTube showcasing the planning of the new GPUs and focusing totally on the thermal aspects of GPU design. The company didn’t reveal the new RTX 3000 series GPUs, obviously, but it talked tons about the planning philosophy, challenges with thermals, and more within the video.

One new tidbit of data from the video is that the new RTX 3000 GPUs will accompany a 12-pin power connector. As compared to the previous found out of two 8-pin power connectors, this may make the planning slimmer. Nvidia also mentions that the new cards are going to be compatible with existing 8-pin connectors with an adapter.

As I discussed, we don’t know tons about these upcoming GPUs yet. However, leaks are beginning, and it’s just like the RTX 3000 series are going to be pretty huge.

Anyway, September 1 isn’t too far, so we don’t need to wait too long to seek out out all the small print about Nvidia’s upcoming graphics cards and everything they provide .


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