Observant Fans Discover Major Hint About GTA VI in New GTA Online Teaser


INTRO: It has been quite while since Rockstar released the last iteration of grand larceny Auto. But still, the developers are still earning tons of greenbacks from the sport , mainly due to its open-world online version. Now, Rockstar Games recently released a teaser video for its upcoming downloadable content (DLC) and observant fans have discovered a serious clue hinting about GTA VI.

We have been hearing rumors about subsequent GTA for an extended time. Now, it seems that the developers are currently developing the sport and dropping hard-to-discover clues for fans.

So, the developers shared the aforementioned teaser on Twitter with none caption or anything. However, within the unusual teaser video, eagle-eyed fans found a group of coordinates appearing at rock bottom of the screen.

When a Twitter user @wellgamer789 put this set of coordinates, 38.527A N; 79.6129A W, in Google Earth. To the netizen’s surprise, they found that the coordinates cause a specific area in Virginia, where there’s a “VI”-shaped street when viewed from above.
As a result, some GTA-heads are thinking that Rockstar Games is dropping hints for subsequent grand larceny Auto title. However, there has been no official confirmation about this from the developers.

So, this might also mean that the Twitter user who initially discovered the hint is leading other crazy fans who are expecting the sport to a meaningless cat and mouse chase for the time being.

Nonetheless, the parent company of Rockstar Games has already confirmed that they’re going to be releasing over 93 titles ranging from 2021. So, fans can keep the hope of playing subsequent iteration of GTA within the near future.

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