20,000 Offline Retailers To Sell Galaxy Smartphones Using Benow App


Samsung customers will get multiple payment modes while purchasing Galaxy Smartphones through Benow App. Offline Retailers Sell Galaxy.

Samsung has urged 20,000 offline retailers to sell Galaxy smartphones using the Benow app. This will also encourage physical distancing during the lockdown period. Since rival companies like Xiaomi and Vivo have already launched similar incentives for their offline retailers, Samsung must start digital sales and include all offline retailers in the digital world so they can increase their sales and customer base.

Offline Retailers Sell Galaxy

The retailers are facing financial distress, online selling of smartphones will help them to revive their financial position. This will also fulfill customer demands.

Offline Retailers Sell Galaxy – Partnership With Benow App:

Mohandeep Singh says the partnership with the Benow app is a part of their offline to online mobile selling strategy. Mohandeep Singh is the Senior Vice President, Mobile, Business, Samsung India.

Once the retailer registers in the app, they will be able to sell Samsung Galaxy smartphones from the app. Customers will also be able to buy smartphones without stepping out of their houses.

How To Purchase Smartphones From Benow App?

Retailers who have designed a catalog in Benow will share the link to users by using SMS, WhatsApp, or Email. Once customers receive the link, they will have to place the order by clicking on the link. Dealers will further contact the customers and finalize the deal. Customers will also get various options to make payments. Also, both customers and retailers will get digital recharge slips.

Offline Retailers Sell Galaxy

Xiaomi And Vivo Also Using Online Platforms To Sell Smartphones:

The largest smartphone manufacturer of India, Xiaomi has launched a new E-commerce service, Mi-Commerce, which will help the customers to browse products of Xiaomi from their nearby retail stores. Similar to Xiaomi, Vivo has also launched Vivo Smart Retail (VSR) which will aid 20,000 offline retailers to increase their sales and get back in the market. Moreover, Vivo will be able to fulfill customer demand which has been increased due to the lockdown period.

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