OnePlus 8 Pro Will Arrive in India with the Color Filter Camera Disabled Out-of-the-Box


INTRO: The OnePlus 8 series of the smartphone made its global debut amidst the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic about two months ago. The company that announced the Indian prices and put the devices up for sale earlier in the last month. Well, not really it happened. It is only the vanilla OnePlus 8 that has gone on sale in India. OnePlus 8 Pro is now set to become available to buy in the country but will arrive with a feature missing in action.

OnePlus 8 Pro, for all those who are unaware, includes a quad-camera system with one of them being a 5MP color filter camera. It was recently that got discovered that the said camera can be used to see through certain plastics and thin layers of clothing. Yeah, it is quite crazy but your phone gets an X-ray vision with this camera.

Indian OnePlus 8 Pro to launch with disabled color filter camera ...

As a result of the information, OnePlus disabled the color filter camera in its home country –  China to prevent its abuse. The reports from Android Central today reports that OnePlus 8 Pro will go on sale in India with the color filter camera disabled which is just out-of-the-box. It is obvious to curb any privacy concerns, especially since 8 Pro can be used to see through clothes.

OnePlus Will Disable the Controversial Infrared Camera on the ...

The company currently does not want to take any chances at launch but it surely promises to enable the same via an OTA update by the end of June. The possibility of the color filter camera being disabled in India was firstly spotted by XDA but have just got the confirmation.

OnePlus has not revealed it yet that how it plans to fix the X-ray vision-like capability of the color filter camera. Let’s now hope the company is able to come up with a fix ahead of the launch, with all the users receiving a 0-day patch that makes the camera work instantly. With all of that said, you will have to live with one less camera for a few days. OnePlus 8 Pro should go on sale very soon in India but there is no official date or any information available just yet.


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