OnePlus Will Introduce Dark Mode With Latest OxygenOS Update


OnePlus is rolling out new features to OxygenOS skin to ensure that users have an amazing experience. The Dark Mode is gaining attention. Almost all smartphone makers are adding dark theme UI so the user can have a smooth experience. The Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus is also announcing that the new OxygenOS will have a dark theme toggle switch which will enable the users to enable Dark Mode from quick settings. The company is also revealing that the new update will receive other updates and fixes too. OnePlus Introduce Dark Mode.

OnePlus Introduce Dark Mode

Dark Mode toggle which would enable Dark Mode was not available on OxygenOS even though it was present in stock Android 10. Currently, users have to go to the settings menu and enable the Dark Mode from the customization menu. OnePlus Introduce Dark Mode. With the new update, OnePlus will add the Dark Mode switch in quick settings which will allow the users to turn on Dark Mode without any inconvenience.

The testing of this new update will start from this month. The company has also said that a Beta version will also launch for users. The stable version of this update will roll out in the future.

OnePlus Introduce Dark Mode

Apart from the Dark Mode toggle switch, OnePlus will optimize the multitasking interface, which will allow the users to toggle between apps more comfortably without any lags. OnePlus received various complaints regarding high volume levels in devices. The company is also working on audio output by reducing the loudness at the lowest levels. Also, some minor fixes will be done by the company in the OxygenOS update to enhance user experience. OnePlus is mentioning the new update needs dedicated testing, and they will also have different timelines of testing. We are expecting that OnePlus will launch the Open Beta Build soon.

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