OnePlus 8 Pro’s Colour Filter Camera Will Let You See Through Objects

OnePlus8 Pro’s Colour Filter

OnePlus has become one of the most loved Android brands in the world. When it came to the market, it was perceived as a low-range smartphone brand, but with time, it has become the go-to premium smartphone brand for a lot of people. Its flagship devices are genuinely unique and bring exciting features, and at the same time are cheaper than brands such as Samsung and Apple. OnePlus has been innovating its devices, but recently, a unique feature from the OnePlus 8 pro was discovered. When using the device’s Colour Filter to click images, you can see insides of a plastic object.

OnePlus8 Pro’s Colour Filter

OnePlus went with a quad-camera setup in the rear with the OnePlus 8 Pro and used a 48MP Sony IMX689 lens as the primary camera. It is paired with a 48MP ultra-wide-angle lens, an 8MP Telephoto lens, and a 5MP Colour Filter lens. The new 5MP Colour Filter lens is something none of the other flagship devices come with. OnePlus is the first to introduce such a lens. The smartphone manufacturer claims that with the help of Colour Filter lens, you can apply different filters to the final image. But the thing is, it is possible without the lens as well. So as it turns out, the Colour Filter camera has other uses as well. According to a post from a senior member from XDA, Combat Goofwing, in the forum of XDA Developers, the Colour Filter camera can be used to see through plastic objects.

When clicking images of a plastic object such as a remote through the Colour Filter with the Photochrom mode, it was found that the inner circuitry of the remote was visible. So it can be assumed that the Colour Filter of the camera is not filtering the IR light since there is no IR cutoff filter and instead allowing to see through plastic objects. When tested by Max Weinbach from the team of XDA Developers, he found that not just remotes but you will be able to see through many other objects such as VR Headsets, security cameras etc.

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