Password Protect Google Doc With These Simple Tricks

password protect google doc

With Google Docs merged to Google Drive, a lot of us have cultivated the habit of storing any and every document into Google Drive. After all, its safe, secure, and maintained by Google in the cloud. In this article, we will be covering the password protect google doc.

And like a lot of people, we also have a spreadsheet containing some little private info which you need to access now and then. Something like a bank account number, log in ids, social security number, etc which you can look-up using the Google Drive app on your phone.

There is a small problem here. Although Google Drive can only be accessed after logging into Google, we are almost always logged into Google in our phones and PCs. That means if somebody gets access to your PC or phone momentarily, he/she can actually take a peek at these. That is not good at all. So you need to password protect google doc.

Password Protect Google Doc

The best solution to this problem would be to have Google Drive ask for a password each time you open a document. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t provide such a protection feature in-built. But you can achieve the same using the Password Protect Google Doct which uses Google Scripts. Here’s how to use it.

  1. Open and make a copy of ProtectedSheet
  2. Google spreadsheet. You can rename it to any name you want.
  3. Next select “Tools->Script Editor”. This will bring up a script in a new window or tab.
  4. In this window, select “File->Manage Versions” and click on “Save a new version”. You can leave all fields blank. A new row for version 1 will appear. Just click the “OK” button.
  5. Now select “Publish->Deploy as web app” and click on the “Deploy” button.
  6. You will now be shown a confirmation that your app has been deployed as a web app
  7. Now close this window and come back to the spreadsheet tab or window. You will find a new menu item “Protect File” in the spreadsheet. Select “Protect File->Initialize” and provide required permissions.

    All the above steps are one time only. You have now fully set up your Password Protect Google Doc

  8. Now you can add whatever you want to store securely into the Password Protect Google Doc. Just make sure you leave the first two colored rows intact.
  9. To secure the document, select “Protect File -> Encrypt File”. You will be asked to enter a password. Once done, this will scramble the content of each cell in the document. Now your data is fully password protected and nobody can read it without having the password you have set.
    NOTE: This password is not your Google account password, but any password you can choose. The first time you run “encrypt”, you will be asked to set a password which will be used for all further encrypt/decrypt requests.
  10. Whenever you want to decrypt your document, open it, and select “Protect File -> Decrypt File”. You will be again asked for the password giving which it will decrypt and bring back the cell contents which you can read or edit.

This works well if you are opening the spreadsheet on a PC. But if you are opening it from a phone, Google always loads the phone version and you won’t get the “Protect File” menu. To encode/decode your spreadsheet from a phone, click on the encrypt/decrypt URL which will be present in the first row. This URL gets created and added once you deploy the web app in step 4 above.

password protect google doc

On loading, the URL will show a web page where you can enter your password to encrypt or decrypt the document. Once done, a “Go back” link will appear which you can click to load the encrypted/decrypted spreadsheet.

How it works.

On clicking the encrypt menu, the script checks the password with what you have set. Only if it matches, the contents of the Spreadsheet is read and text in each cell is obfuscated. On clicking Decrypt, the same algorithm converts the obfuscated text back to the original text if the password matches.

Finally, here’s a video to see Google document password protection in action.

password protect google doc

End Verdict:

You can also change the Password Protect Google Doc anytime using the “Protect File -> Change Password” menu option. Please make sure you don’t edit and change the encrypted document. If you do so, the decryption won’t be able to give back the original content. And as always, the script is your local copy and runs entirely in your Google account. Nobody else has access to anything including the password you set.

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