How You Can Permanently Delete Your TikTok Account


The ByteDance acquired video-sharing platform TikTok has almost 2 billion downloads till now. It has content creators of all ages. With that, TikTok has been on top of rumors for a long time for controversial acquisitions. Whether it’s the obscene content, data selling, or being the Chinese government’s nefarious spy tool.

Permanently Delete Your TikTok

How To Delete TikTok Account Without Deleting Data:

No social networking apps want to let you go, and TikTok is no different. So, if you have decided to say goodbye to your TikTok account, you should keep in mind the aftereffects. Once you have deleted your account, you will no longer be able to sign in to TikTok with that account. Moreover, all the videos that you have uploaded will be gone for good. The video-sharing platform won’t offer you a refund on any items you have purchased. Another notable thing worth keeping in mind is that the information (i.e chats) that is not stored in your account, might still be visible to others.

Deactivate Your Account?

Just in case you think that the tradeoff of wiping out the TikTok account is too big or rather want to take a temporary break for any personal reason, you can choose to deactivate your TikTok account. When you hit the delete button, the social networking app first deactivates your account for 30 days. During deactivation, your account remains hidden from the public. At any time you wish to reactivate your account within the 30 days, simply sign in to your account to get started again.

Permanently Delete Your TikTok

Permanently Delete Your TikTok:

Permanently Delete Your TikTok? Download your TikTok data. The only pain point (if any) is that you don’t get to choose what to keep and what to keep away in the download file that consists of a variety of data.

1. Open TikTok on your device and tap on the profile tab at the bottom right corner of the screen.

2. Now, tap on the horizontal/vertical ellipsis at the top right corner.

3. Next, tap on Privacy and safety.

4. Next up, tap on Personalization and data.

5. Up next, tap on Download your data.

6. On the next screen, you should see the list of all the data your request will consist of. Now, tap on the Request data file.

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