PM CARES Fund Has Received Over 124 Crores in Donations Just via Google Pay


INTRO: As the Coronavirus pandemic spread in the country, the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi had announced a PM CARES fund for the crisis donation. This is the fund the government wants citizens to donate the money to in order to help India fight COVID-19 pandemic.

PM Cares Fund Receives Huge Donation From Google Pay Users

So this is no surprise, the PM CARES fund has received a lot of donations since the beginning of the situation. Today, a screenshot was shared on Reddit by u/nefarious monkey of the Google Pay app which shows just how much money has been raised for PM CARES only through the google pay app. According to the screenshot, the PM CARES fund has received donations of over 124 crores just via Google Pay.

Other Payment Methods Can Also Be Used For Donations 

It is quite important to note that this number is the amount raised through donations made on Google Pay only. Donations can be made via other apps also like Paytm, or even through the PM CARES website directly. That means the actual amount raised is definitely a lot higher than this number which is not disclosed and we accept it won’t be.

But, it’s still so heartening to see that people are coming together in times of crisis to help the government as well as their country at these times of tough situation. Now we can only hope that the government utilizes the money being raised to help people in difficulty during the coronavirus pandemic, including doctors who have to work without PPE kits as they try to keep the country afloat. So let’s wish we fight back this situation altogether and make our country COVID free soon.


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