Porsche Taycan EV Set a Guinness World Record for the Longest Drift


INTRO: The German premium automobile manufacturer, Porsche, is ready to launch its first all-electric car within the market soon. However, before making it consumer-ready, the German automakers want to make sure that their first-ever commercial EV sets several new official world records. So recently, a Porsche instructor set a Guinness record for the longest continuous drift in an electrical car employing a Porsche Taycan.

Drifting expert and knowledgeable instructor at the Porsche Experience Center (PEC) at Hockenheimring, Dennis Retera drifted a rear-wheel-drive Porsche Taycan prototype along a 200-meter circuit (a circular track specially made for drifting) for a whopping 55 minutes, until the battery of the car ran out of power.

porsche taycan longest drift EV 1

porsche taycan longest drift EV 1
Image: Porsche

In this time, he completed 210 laps and covered a huge distance of 42.171 km. This set a replacement Guinness record for the longest continuous drift wiped out an electrical vehicle.

“When the driving stability programmes are transitioned , a powerslide with the electrical Porsche is extremely easy, especially in fact with this model variant, which is driven exclusively via the rear wheels. Sufficient power is always available. The low center of gravity and therefore the long-wheelbase ensure stability. The precise design of the chassis and steering allows for perfect control in the least times, even when moving sideways,” said Retera after completing the stunning run.

To ensure that each one the required precautions are taken and every one the factors are up to plain , a team of surveyors along side Guinness record adjudicator, Joanne Brent came to the drifting site. Moreover, there was another drifting expert, named Denise Ritzmann, who was to make sure that the track and therefore the vehicle are alright for the test and to watch if the car is actually drifting or not.

However, Retera made it look such a lot easier than it actually is and continued to drift sideways till the instant the car’s battery gave up. Ritzmann had no complaints and as a result, Retera set the said record using the Porsche Taycan EV. You can inspect the official record-setting video from Porsche right below.

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