Top 10 Prank Call Websites

Looking for the best website to make prank calls? Here, we back with the list of top 10 best prank call websites.

Looking for the best website to make prank calls? Here, we back with the list of top 10 best prank call websites. We have searched a lot and tried our self. The below listed websites are the best you can get from the category. You can access these websites to make your friend surprised and make him/ her refreshed with some prank call scenarios. Thus, make sure to give a complete reading to the below article to get every detailed update and not to miss any important information. Here we go..

List of Top 10 Prank Call Websites of All Time

1. Ownage Pranks

This list of the best prank call websites begins with Ownage Pranks. This website features both automated and recorded prank call services. If you want to calculate how their prank call works in real life than simply you can head over to their website, there are prank videos too featured. They not only feature prank calls through their website. They also have their own movie application too. If you get in love with their service then you can also buy their products from their Ownage merchandise online store. For automated prank call users, this website offers huge variety of automated recordings to make your friend surprise.

2. Spoof Box

Second, we have Spoof Box. This website works on the credit system such that for interactive prank call, you will require 25 credits whereas for sharing a prank scenario, it will require 50 credits. I lost my phone, internet shut down, out of fries are some of the best prank calls scenario you can enjoy here. Moreover, there are no extra charges for recording the prank calls and the decision is yours what number you would like to show on screen while making a prank call to your friend.

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3. Spoof My Phone

Next, we have Spoof My Phone. This is a paid website that charges from users for availing services using their website. The main reason is that they do not feature recorded scenarios. The best thing about their website is that you can add background music to make your prank call look more realistic. While prank call, the choice is you that what number must be displayed. Before paying them for their paid service, you can also check out their trial version to satisfy your needs. Even, there is a text to speech service too for best experience.

4. Prank Caller

Prank Caller is another best online prank call website you must try. Prank Caller is another premium service in this list that features only scripted pranks. For ease, you can simply browse and select the best prank scenario on their website. The whole website works on credit system such that you have to pay $5.95 for 25 credits, $11.95 for 55 credits and more. You got the drugs, iPhone 8 giveaways, STD clinic, make my sister cry are some of the best prank call scenarios you can try.

5. Comedy Calls

If you are from Canada or United States then Comedy Calls is for you. There are prank call scenarios too featured on their website and you can choose your favourite from them. If your purpose is only for making standard prank calls then you can access their website for completely free but if you want to access some extra features and services then you have to buy token credits. You can pay $4 for 25 credits, $12 for 100 credits, $20 for 250 credits. Moreover, you can also choose from the number of your choice before doing a prank call.

6. Prank Dial

If you don’t find any of the above listed websites best for you then Prank Dial is made for you. They have also their applications for both Android and iOS operating systems. Here, you can make both automated and recorded pranks calls. There is a huge variety of prank calls to select from. You can also edit the name of the person you want to make pick calls to. In order to access extra features and services you will need to buy token credits. Using these credits, you can access features like extra recording time, email supporting, international calling and much more.

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7. Prank Owl

Seventh in our list, we have Prank Owl. Here, you can create a totally fake caller ID to hide your original identity. There are dozens of recorded sounds on their website. You can select one to begin with the prank call. First, you will need to sign-up on their website to access their service. Like other extra features are protected here with token credits. You will need to buy credits in order to access extra features and services. If you want then you can also record the prank call too.

8. Spooftel

Whenever it comes to have access to the website for making Prank calls then Spooftel pop-ups into everyone’s mind. This is not a free service. However, you can give a try to make 3 free calls each of 30 seconds to find how this website is enough to pay as it will cost you around $0.10 per minute after three free calls. The user-interface is too simple that you just have to press the make a call button and the prank will begin. There is also an application from Spooftel as well. SMS service, call recording, soundboards are some of the best services offered by Spooftel.

9. My Phone Robot

Radio show, homicide detective, Obama voicemail proof, voice changer etc. are some of the best Prank Call scenarios offered by My Phone Robot. Here, you can also buy a phone number online that will cost you around $2.99 per month. Moreover, you can hide your original and get a fake caller ID for prank calls. You have to pay $0.90 for making spoof calls. Apart from that there are different types of charges for each service offered by them. Make sure to give My Phone Robot a must try.

10. Prank Hotline

Last in this list but not the least, we have Prank Hotline. Most demanding prank call scenarios can be found on Prank Hotline for eg. Stop calling me, why you call my girlfriend, Pizza delivery and much more. Before, purchasing the token credits to access extra features, users will get three free Prank calls for rice trial period. Moreover, at the end of the Prank Call, you can also add a disclaimer that you have been pranked. The user-interface of this website is well-organized. Make sure to must give Prank Hotline a must try.

Few More Words

So, surprise your friends and relatives with prank calls. Above, we have listed top 10 best websites for prank call of all time. Make sure to share this article with your friends and comment below if you any other best Prank Call website that must be listed below. If you have any questions let us know.

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