Bharti Airtel Starts Providing Priority 4G Network Service

Priority 4G Network Service

Bharti Airtel is now offering Priority 4G Network feature to its postpaid users. During the time of crisis when everyone is staying inside their homes, data consumption has risen abnormally. The challenge for the telcos is to manage the load of demand and provide every 4G user with good data speeds. But due to the very heavy demand for data requests, some people aren’t getting the kind of speed they normally would with 4G network connections. That is why Airtel has come up with a priority 4G network service for its users. This help users to access high-speed data. Those who are unaware, Vodafone is also providing similar benefits with REDX. The REDX costs rupees 1099, however, the plan offered by Airtel is cheaper with a price of rupees 499.

Priority 4G Network Service

Every postpaid customer of the telco using a plan above Rs 499 or priority 4G network service is getting the benefit of Airtel Priority 4G Network. Users getting this benefit will be able to experience superior network speeds. So you can stay home and do your work seamlessly without any data issues. Now you can conduct your business or personal video calls without any interruptions with Priority 4G Network access. Vodafone is offering something similar to its REDX plan.Priority 4G Network Service

In other words, this service is available to Platinum tier users. Bharti Airtel has a customer program called ‘Airtel Thanks’ with Three-tiers, i.e Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Airtel Platinum tier users are postpaid users. Vodafone is offering its customers the RED postpaid plan for Rs 1,099 and under that customers also get the Priority 4G Network service. So the REDX customers are never going to face a loss of speed in their internet usage. Along with this, REDX subscribers will also get 1 year Netflix subscription as an add-on complimentary service.

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