PS5 Tech Could End “The World of Loading Screens”: Epic Games CEO

Playstation 5

INTRO: Epic Games Studio has recently unveiled the game-changing Unreal Engine 5 with a demo video in a PS5 console. The CEO of Epic Games says that the tech that the PS5 packs inside could be a game-changer for the whole gaming industry and could end “the world of loading screens”.

Unreal Engine 5 Demo in PS5 Console

If we are Following the showcasing of the “Nanite” and “Lumen” tech with the Unreal Engine 5 in the PS5 console of Sony, the Epic Games CEO, Tim Sweeney went on to praise the gaming console in a recent virtual interview by the company. Sweeney had said that Sony’s PS5 hardware could change the entire gaming industry in the future.

PS5: Epic Games Says SSD Hard Drive is "Best" on Any Platform

Best Storage System For Gaming Experiences

The CEO of Epic Games and he has especially praised the storage system that Sony integrated into the PS5. CEO stated in his statement that the storage system of Sony is “absolutely world-class” and is very much better than any system in high-end PCs or in any other Consoles. He also added in his statement that this type of enhanced storage system could enable gaming experiences that anybody could have only dreamed of in the past”.

CEO In His Statement Said:

The world of loading screens is now over. The days of pop-in and geometry popping up as you’re going through these game environments are now ended. The resulting effect is that the ability to build games that are fully and totally immersive from start to finish over the hundreds of hours of gameplay.”, further added Sweeney.

PS5 Has in-built SSD

Epic Games claims that PS5's SSD is better than Xbox Series X and ...

According to him, the way that the PS5 architecture directly relies on the built-in SSD that makes it a much powerful machine than any PC that is not built-around SSDs. He has also mentioned that the upcoming Xbox Series X too could be similarly capable with its own built-in SSD. But, Epic worked exclusively with Sony to make its own titles.

On the other hand, Sony developers are mainly concerned about the PS5 competing with the Xbox Series X. For now, we just have to wait and watch, and then we have to see which gaming console comes out on top in the market after the release. 


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