PUBG Mobile Adds a New Jungle Hunter Set


INTRO: The popular PUBG Mobile game has reportedly added a new Jungle Hunter set to its Ancient Spin event. The following other sets in Ancient Spin include Silverback set and Jungle Prey set. Silverback set offers a headgear and outfit, whereas Jungle Prey set includes the mask, headgear, and therefore the outfit for the event.

Going by a recent tweet on PUBG Mobile official Twitter handle, the set is out there within the game now. “Stalk your prey! The Jungle Hunter set is out there now,” reads the tweet. Take a look at it below.

However, once I checked on my phone, the set wasn’t accessible just yet. Let us know if it’s live for you within the comments. For the uninitiated, Ancient Spin may be a limited-time event. As per the page, it ends on July 6, which is simply a few of days from now.

The ancient Spin event of PUBG Mobile offers various prizes supported the number of times you play the draw. Spinning once costs 60 UC. When you draw 10 times in total, you get a premium crate coupon. Similarly, you get Ancestral Tears – QBU once you draw 40 times. This goes on up to 200 times where you’ll get 160 Lucky coins. Lucky coins are often exchanged for rewards within the Lucky Spin shop.

In related PUBG Mobile news, an adolescent from Punjab recently spent almost Rs.16 lakh through in-app purchases on PUBG Mobile. As a result, he’s now working during a scooter fix-it shop. Hence, we might recommend you to not mindlessly spend money to shop for credits and fall for events only for some fancy outfits within the game, unless you’ll truly afford it.

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