PUBG Mobile Adds Jungle Adventure Mode to Sanhok


INTRO: After a required and considerable amount of weight, PUBG Mobile has finally added the new and latest Jungle Adventure mode to the Sanhok map. This new model brings out some of the exciting changes to how players go about playing in Sanhok.

Jungle Adventure Mode

The availability of the new model is in the Classic matches of PUBG only and is only available in the Sanhok map for now, which makes total sense considering that it is the most available jungle-like map in the game. Since the time mode randomly activates during the game, players may or may not get dropped into the Jungle Adventure mode for the time being. The mode also brings a couple of new things to the game:

PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 Update Features New Jungle Adventure Mode ...


These all of the things are spread all over the map and can grant you different types of blessings during the game. When you approach a totem, you will get a prompt  or notification to ‘invoke’ blessings. All of this begins a small prayer that your character performs in front of the totem. Once all of this is done, the totem grants you a blessing. This blessing which is received by you can be something that refills your health, fixes your armor, or anything that grants you scopes and other items.


Now the next thing which comes up is the totems will also grant you with the barriers. These are throwables that become a barrier when they are thrown on the ground during the game. All of this can prove incredibly useful in some of the situations that arise where there isn’t any cover for you and you need to make a move suddenly.

Jungle Food

Here you will also find jungle food. You can pick these up and then eat them to get various effects or powers. Some of these are good ones, such as the one that will show you airdrop locations on the map, but some of the times this will make you dizzy also. It is more or less a gamble its on your luck which one do you get.

Hot Air Balloons

The Hot air balloons are currently marked on the mini-map, so be ready for some gunfights in these areas of the game. You can climb up into a hot air balloon and then move it up or down. You can also use the ‘Look Around’ feature to find totems in the nearby area. But Sadly you can’t move hot air balloons in any of the directions other than up and down, so don’t think about using these as a way to head forward into the zone.

PUBG Mobile Adds Jungle Adventure Mode to Sanhok | Beebom

The Jungle Adventure mode Of PUBG Mobile is currently live right now in Sanhok. So just make sure you have downloaded the map and, welcome to the jungle mode in your PUBG Mobile.


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