Top 5 Best PUBG Mobile Emulators in 2019

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Today, if you search on the web for the best game to played in terms with quality graphics, hardcore gameplay, adventure, FPS and online Multiplayer game- you will get most results about PBUG that is also known as Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds. Here we listed 5 best PUBG Mobile Emulators for PC. This game came few months back and took a permanent place in everyone’s device. Even, when people go to buy any device, the first question they ask is that does this device can run PUBG fluently? Most of the PUBG fans have bought flagship smartphones just to play PUBG.

This game is a complete solution of gaming that’s why people going themselves completely endorsed with it. Nowadays, if some youngsters are playing any game together then anyone can assume that they are playing PUBG. Anyone can look at the postures, talking way of someone who is playing PUBG can easily understand that how exciting and interesting this game is. This game is mostly played on Android devices and you can see the unbeatable download statistics of PUBG in Google Play Store.

Still, playing games like PUBG on your desktop’s bigger screen is like found a goldmine. In that case, emulators comes into play. Once you get your hands on emulators for your PC, you will be able to play PUBG on a wider screen. There are various emulators available out there that let you play PUBG on your PC. All of them are awesome and will make your objective of playing PUBG complete. Even, if we go online in search of the best emulators to play PUBG, we find a great number of emulators but the guides that provides the list are not that great. Thus, they make users confuse to where to go.

Don’t worry because we are here and you are our readers. Below, we have listed top 5 best emulators to play PUBG on your PC. We suggest all our readers to read this whole article from word-to-word to learn the every aspect of the topic. So that you will not leave any important points to consider while looking for the best emulators to play PUBG.

List of Top 5 Best PUBG Mobile Emulators to Play PUBG in 2019

Below, we have featured the list of Top 5 Best PUBG Mobile Emulators to Play PUBG online. Make sure to share this article with your friends and family to aware them about the best PUBG mobile emulators.

1. LD Player

ld player

This list starts with the most amazing mobile emulator to play outstanding games like PUBG is LD Player. It is a very well-known name in the arena of the best PUBG Mobile emulators to play high end quality games. What’s the best? LD Player comes with best of advanced options that you will need while playing games like PUBG. Basically, it users kernel technology to let the game go. Even, you can consider its operation speed, smooth gaming experience, enhanced contrast and greater stability. With LD Player emulator, users can also enjoy using mouse and the keyboard as well.

LD Player comes with wayward feature and multi-window ability such that users can play more than one games at the same time. The game does not lag on LD Player. Even, most of my friends are addicted of PUBG, and they use LD Player to have an awesome experience with PUBG.

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2. Memu Player

memu player

Memu Player is that you are looking to play games like PUBG on your PC. This emulator offers a variety of awesome features with it that can be used fluently while playing games like PUBG. Moreover, Memu Player is an updated android emulator which is especially compatible with PUBG gaming such that users can take F key in hand to do multiple things. With the help of Memu Player, users can drive vehicles, throw grenade, pick weapons with just using a simple key. That’s why, Memu Player is one of the best Android emulator that offers the best gaming controls.

Playing PUBG on a wider screen of PC with Memu Player is awesome and it also offers mapping features like joystick mapping and keyboard mapping can be used to have a fluent experience. Users can also enjoy using its multi-window mode that can be used to play more than one games at a single time.

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3. Tencent Gaming Buddy

tencent gaming buddy

On the third number and at the middle of this list, we have Tencent Gaming Buddy. Tencent Gaming Buddy is the official emulator to play PUBG. The emulator is the best when it comes to play games on a wider screen. PUBG lovers can also take keyboard and mouse in part to experience an overall awesome controlling experience. Actually, this emulator mainly focuses on giving best gaming controls. Even, the direct controls can be used to easily move back and forth from the neutral position. Those who like to explore can have a look at the settings and configuration to enhance the overall experience.

Tencent Gaming Buddy promises to give amazing experience with 1080p graphics. With the best settings and configuration one can enjoy PUBG in 60 fps. The only visual difference between mobile and PC PUBG gaming is the wider screen. Those who are not familiar with keyboard command can easily head over to the most pointer.

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4. Nox Player

nox player

Whenever it comes to experience PUBG in the best visual graphics emulators like Nox Player pop-ups into our mind. This amazing android emulator is developed with the focus on gaming. It features script recording, multi- instance features that are really helpful while playing high end games. Once, you get your hands on Nox Player, you will find yourself cut from your surrounding environment. Those who love to play first person shooter and adventurous games like PUBG can fluently look for Nox Player.

Once you head over to the configuration then you can set the amount of RAM, FPS and CPU you want to devote to Nox Player. You can also enjoy skins with Nox Player to have a buttery soft experience. Mapping out of certain key is also possible for comfort controls. So, make your hands warm and get started with it.

5. BlueStacks


Last, we have BlueStacks as the best PUBG Mobile emulators to play outstanding games like PUBG. Every Windows user, who is a little techy is aware of BlueStacks. This is the best Android emulator for PC that let you enjoy almost all android apps and games. What about PUBG with BlueStacks? The answer is unbeatable. You will find buttery smooth experience while playing PUBG with BlueStacks. Even, most of the Windows users are already enjoying various android games on BlueStacks.

BlueStacks comes with both free and paid version. The only drawback with free version of BlueStacks is that you will face advertisements.

This is a part of generating revenue of BlueStacks.

However, if you can spend some money then you must try paid version of BlueStacks. It also supports integration of gamepads.

Wrapping Up

Above, we have featured the list of top 5 best PUBG emulators for PC to Play PUBG game fluently. Comment below if you face any problem with these emulators and don’t forget to mention below if you are aware of any other PUBG Mobile emulators for PC to Play PUBG game. Follow us on various social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest to get every update. Keep reading and be happy.

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