How To Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages

Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages

Read deleted whatsapp messages:- WhatsApp is one of the best platform to have a communication with our friends and family members. This social media platform comes on the top of the list of most popular and widely used chat platform. The great thing is that WhatsApp is available for every popular operating system and there are no annoying advertisements at all. Users love to use it too much such that you will find WhatsApp application installed on every smartphone.

This online social media platform offers a great number of useful features that you will love to use. It allows users to send images, videos, GIFs, audio, music files, PDF formats, contacts, live location and other documents as well. The interface of the WhatsApp is what everyone dreams. A perfect example of ideal user-friendly interface.

A few months ago, WhatsApp introduced a new feature that let the users delete the sent WhatsApp messages within an hour. Hopefully, this feature can be accessed on every platform like iOS, Android and Windows. When you delete a message, then the recipient will see This Message is Deleted instead of the sent message. This feature becomes very helpful if you unintentionally sent a message or there is a typing mistake in the message.

You can use this feature to delete WhatsApp message in individual and group chats as well. In some cases, your best friend or girlfriend or boyfriend sent a message then deleted it. Unfortunately, you missed the message and you want to read that deleted message then you can follow below guide to read deleted WhatsApp messages. Thus, we recommend all the users to read the below article completely to not miss any important updates and relevant information.

Best 2 Methods to Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages of 2019

Method #1- Using WhatsApp Chat Backup Feature

WhatsApp application comes with inbuilt backup and restore features that can be used to backup your WhatsApp messages and restore them whenever you want. The best thing is that the chat backup at night 2 AM occurs everyday by default. Thus, it becomes very helpful if you have unintentionally deleted a WhatsApp message and you want to read the same.

Not only that, WhatsApp allow users to set up backup frequency as well. You can set up it to monthly, weekly or daily. You can follow and execute below steps to restore the chat backup to view accidentally deleted WhatsApp messages:-

1. First of all, uninstall WhatsApp apk from your android device. Just drag and drop the application then slide it towards uninstall icon.

2. Once, the WhatsApp application is uninstalled successfully then you have to download and install it from Google Play Store.

3. Once done, open the WhatsApp application.

4. Now, agree to term and conditions then fill up your number with country code.

5. Just proceed with the OTP verification process.

read deleted whatsapp massages

6. Here, restore your WhatsApp chat option will appear.

7. Here. You have restored deleted WhatsApp messages.

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Method #2:- Using Third Party Apps

The best second method to recover WhatsApp messages is by using third party apps. There are a great number of third party apps available on Google Play Store that let you recover deleted WhatsApp messages that are deleted by the sender to you.

The next question that may by arising in your mind that how these apps work? Well, there is a notification register stored in your Android device. These third party applications maintains a log of notifications from the same notification register.

Currently, there are some limitations also exist with it. Whenever you restart or reboot your Android device, the notification log gets automatically cleared. Thus, it becomes impossible to recover messages. In that case, these third party apps are not useful as well. In this method, you can only recover messages you have interacted with (here interaction means swiping the floating message or notification from the notification bar.

For Your Knowledge!

Method #3:- Using Notification Log (No More Working)!

When WhatsApp introduced a feature to send or delete the WhatsApp message within a7 minute window, someone found that people are still able to read the WhatsApp messages even after they are deleted by the sender. You can also use the feature to read the deleted messages. Actually, all the scenario is possible because of Notification Log. You follow and execute below steps to read delete WhatsApp messages even after they are deleted:-

1. First of all, move to the home-screen on your Android device by clicking on center home button.

2. Now, long press on the blank space on the home-screen.

3. Here, click on Widgets option.

4. Now, look for the Settings Widget.

5. Just drag and drop the Settings Widget anywhere in the blank home-screen.

6. Now, a list of settings will appear.

7. Scroll down to Notification log.

8. Here, click on it.

9. Now, click on the notification log widget.

10. Voila! You are successfully able to read deleted WhatsApp messages that you have interacted with by swiping the floating message or notification from notification bar.

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Tip:- If you don’t want to go through the above procedure then you can just download and install one app from Google Play Store. You have to download and install an app called Notification History. If you are downloading this app from third party sources other than Google Play Store then make sure to enable Unknown Sources option, Open Settings on your device. In settings, scroll down and click on Security option. Here, you will see a toggle of Unknown Sources. This toggle is saying like Allow installation from unknown sources. Simply enable it.

Final Verdict

Here, we had listed best 2 methods to read deleted WhatsApp messages that you have interacted by swiping the notification from notification bar or floating message. We had also listed a third method for your knowledge that was much used in past to read deleted WhatsApp messages. Let us know in the comment section below if you face any problem while following or editing best two methods listed above.

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