Forget Iphone Passcode – How To Recover Iphone Passcode

Forget iPhone Passcode
Forget iPhone Passcode

Forget iPhone Passcode Overview

Generally, we’ll set a positive identification to lock iPhone screen so as to not let strangers willy-nilly bit or use our iPhone. it’s considered an efficient thanks to keeping the data on our device safe and secure. However, the additional advanced the positive identification we tend to establish, the additional possibility that we’ll forget iPhone passcode and input the inaccurate password once more and once more.

Forget iPhone Passcode
Forget iPhone Passcode

Basically, we have 3 methods that really help you to recover your iPhone passcode. The very first method is the normal one and the second is by doing a factory reset. The final and last one Erase it using a computer.

No matter which one you like. the matter is that which one will work perfectly for you. So, kindy comment down the best method that works for you to recover your forget iPhone passcode. We highly appreciate your valuable comment.

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#Method 1 – Erase iPhone Passcode Using Computer (Basic)

You cannot unlock your iPhone by restoring the device unless you’ve got synced it with iTunes before. thus it’s terribly essential to duplicate iPhone frequently. And please confirm that the pc you’re victimization is that the one that you have synced your iPhone with iTunes, otherwise you are asked to enter the passcode after you try to launch iTunes.

Without taking more time let’s get started to recover the forget iPhone passcode. We have mentioned some easy steps below kindly follow them.

  1. Connect the locked iPhone to the computer via a USB cable> launch iTunes on the computer.
  2. When you launch iTunes, it will automatically sync your device.
  3. But if it doesn’t, click “View”> “Show Sidebar”, then your iPhone will be displayed in the left sidebar.      
  4. When iTunes has synced and please go to “Device” in the sidebar.
  5. Then just click on Summary tab. Next, go to “Restore iPhone” button to reset the locked iPhone.
  6. Now, Finally, click on “Restore Backup” to restore iPhone from iTunes backup files. then, you can reset your iPhone passcode easily.

Done, hope you like this one of my favorite method among all. 🙂

#Method 2 – Factory Reset iPhone

If you’ve got ne’er synced your iPhone with iTunes before, otherwise you fail to unlock iPhone with methodology one, you’ll be able to try and place iPhone into recovery mode. that help you to unlock iPhone once forgetting passcode/pin. however, all information on your device is erased when you recover iPhone passcode.

  • Firstly Disconnect iPhone from pc >Turn off iPhone
  • Press and hold the home button on iPhone > connect iPhone to iTunes with USB cable>keep holding the home button till the “Connect to iTunes” comes up.
  • You will be sophisticated that your device is in recovery mode. and click on okay to restore iPhone. this may take away everything as well as the passcode/pin on the iPhone.

forget iphone passcode

Done! now you can reset your forget iPhone passcode. It is very simple or not? come on tell us in the comment we are waiting for your kind comments.

#Method 3 – Erase iPhone Without Using Computer

find My iPhone allows users to erase fastened iPhone and therefore assist you to bypass iPhone passcode. this permits you to unlock iPhone passcode while not a laptop.

Sometimes, people don’t have their Pc or Laptop. Then, If you forget iPhone Passcode don’t worry this trick really works for you. It is one of the simple and easiest tricks you have ever seen for iPhones.  I have used this trick too many times when I was in such condition that I can’t access to my Laptop or Pc. The,  usually I have to depend upon this simple and my favorite best trick to recover iPhone passcode.

  1. Log in iCloud account with Apple ID and countersign.
  2. Head to “All Devices” >choose your iPhone>click on “Erase iPhone” to wipe your device and its countersign.
  3. Restore iPhone via Setup Assistant on iPhone.
  4. Done! now you can recover your forget iPhone passcode.

Hope, this trick really works well for you and don’t forget to comment your views on this trick. Please tell us whether it works great or not.

Still getting the problem please go to :  Apple Support

SmartTechGuys Final Words & Conclusion

Basically, we always try to use the method 3. Let me tell you one thing we mention top 3 methods we don’t rank them that the 1st one is best or 3rd one is not. Actually, we just try to teach you all the working and perfect method. You can comment down below that which one you love the most. You can tell us that how you forget iPhone passcode & how the above methods help you to Recover iPhone Passcode.

We are waiting for your reply and love to trigger a discussion with you. We love to talk to you no matter what the topic. I hope you love to subscribe to our newsletter for more amazing tricks and tech tips. Such as Forget iPhone passcode. Thanks, Stay Tuned. 🙂

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