Redmi Note 4 Blast Video is Fake: Faulty Charger Was the Reason, Says Xiaomi

Redmi Note 4 Blasts in SHOP

Recently, a video is circulating on whole web claiming Redmi Note 4 blast in a shop. Finally, Xiaomi replied to this incident and stated that, the Video is fake and the unit which exploded in the video is not the Redmi Note 4. However, the customer “Arjun” who faced damage got a refund form the company on 24th July 2017. Phone actually damaged little bit because of using other faulty charger, says company.

Furthermore, company mentioned clearly that the video circulating on the web is not of Xiaomi device. Also, the company is mulling to take action against the blog which published the video of blast on the Internet.

Here’s What Xiaomi Says about Redmi Note 4 Blast

In its statement, Xiaomi said, “He [The customer] had purchased a Redmi Note 4 from a Poorvika store in Bangalore on 1st June 2017. His phone was damaged at his home on 17th July 2017, following which he took the phone to the aforementioned Poorvika store on the same day.
As soon as we were alerted to this incident, we took the device back.”

Xiaomi, in its statement added, “the damage was caused due to a faulty third-party charger used by the customer” and “there were signs of physical damage on the phone as well”. Along with this, the company says, ” We replaced the customer’s damaged unit with a brand new Redmi Note 4 on Monday, 24th July 2017.”

Xiaomi will take action against the publication under the “irresponsible and disturbing” behaviour. It says the video was attained from “a random WhatsApp group,” and is not related to Redmi Note 4 unit purchases from the Poorvika store.

What about the Redmi Note 4 Blast Video?

The company’s investigation says that, CCTV video originates from Anamangad, Kerala, and the device which exploded in the video not belongs to Xiaomi at all. Also, the date of video doesn’t match to the date of incident. The user who’s device is allegedly exploded in the video also confirmed that, he, his friends & relatives are not in the video.

The video is published by a website called, TheExplode which says it source is TechCase and TechCase hasn’t the uploaded any video. The website owner says that, the user Arjun himself handed over the video and now went back to claim the video is of Redmi Note 4, however he said tha device caught fire.

After all these statements, the website TheExplode has now added an update on their website,”TechCase mentioned that the person got the replacement of the phone but The video is not related to him. It means incident is true but Video is not true.”

What for Other Redmi Note 4 Users?

From all this incident, what matters to you is use only Xiaomi authorised charger to charge your device.


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