Reliance Jio is Offering Free Amazon Prime Subscriptions to JioFiber Users


INTRO: The Indian telecom company Reliance Jio is recently reportedly offering free Amazon Prime subscriptions to all the people using its fiber services to its users. According to a website named Fonearena, the My Jio app is now showing the offer to customers who are eligible for it.

Reliance Jio has not made any official announcements about the latest offer, but, it seems to be showing up for some people randomly. According to the reports by Fonearena, they got the offer on their quarterly silver plan. All of this could mean that the company is only offering the free subscription offer on some of the selected plans.

As you can see from the mentioned screenshots, Reliance Jio is now giving this as a one-time offer on all the Prime subscriptions to its users. With this latest offer, you will be able to avail of the subscription for 1 year of Amazon Prime for free. However, the post that one year you will be charged at Rs. 999 per year or the prevailing price at that the current time. More than that, if you already have an Amazon Prime subscription, for the time being, you will have to wait for it to end before using the current latest offer. The other alternate option is that you can use the offer for a different Amazon account as well.

With all of that said, If Amazon Prime isn’t your cup of tea, or if you already have the subscription fret not. According to a banner spotted on the Reliance Jio Fiber website, the company will soon also offer Disney+ Hotstar subscriptions as well. There is no official announcement or word on when this particular offer will go live for the users, but we will definitely update you when it happens so check back often. Until then we will have to wait for further information on this subscription offer from Jio.

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