Reliance Jio Losses Battle To Other Telecom Majors

Reliance Jio Losses Telecom Battle

Annual trends became the biggest hit in back 2018. At that time, Reliance Jio had announced an annual prepaid plan of rupees 1699. Following Jio’s footsteps every single telecom major including Airtel, Vodafone launched their annual prepaid plans. The Government-led telco BSNL was also not behind. Reliance Jio Losses Telecom Battle.

Reliance Jio’s Annual Prepaid Plans And Other Plans:

Reliance Jio had made some improvements in the last month. Jio offers an affordable yearly plan of rupees 2121 and offers 1.5 GB data. This yearly plan is valid for 336 days. On the other hand, BSNL has another affordable prepaid plan which is priced at rupees 1999. BSNL’s yearly plan provides a 3GB data limit daily. Airtel and Vodafone provide yearly plans at rupees 2398 and 2399 followingly.

Reliance Jio Losses Telecom Battle

List Of Yearly Prepaid Plans Of Reliance Jio:

Jio’s yearly plan offers daily 1.5 GB to its users. That means a total of 504GB yearly, 12000 non-jio FUP, 100 SMSes per day and unlimited Jio to Jio calling. This plan is valid for 336 days from the day of recharge. Rupees 2,121 plan offers 64Kb data speed. This plan includes complimentary subscriptions of all Jio apps, like JioTV, Jio Movies, Jio Music and so on.

Yearly Plans Of BSNL:

The state-run telecom company is also offering a yearly plan. This plan offers 3GB data per day. This plan also offers 250 minutes of voice calls and 100 SMSes. Users will also get a BSNL TV subscription. This plan is valid for 365 days.

Reliance Jio Losses Telecom Battle

Airtel And Vodafone Prepaid Yearly Plans:

Airtel yearly plan, priced at rupees 2389 and Vodafone yearly plan that offers unlimited calling for 336 days and 100 SMSes per day for 365 days and 1.5 GB data per day.

Reliance Jio Losses Telecom Battle:

Reliance Jio is far behind the benefits and features offered by another telecom in the market. The 2,121 plan is a bit higher than other companies. It is also valid for 336 days that means you will have to recharge for another one month. On the other hand, 12,000 minutes is not a good deal compared to BSNL, Vodafone and Airtel’s unlimited voice calls.

However, if you are looking for a yearly plan, then BSNL 1999 plan is the best as compared to others.

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