Jio Happy New Year Offer: Free Services Till March 2017 [Official]

Jio Welcome Offer 2

Jio Welcome Offer 2, Jio Welcome Offer Extended to March 2017, Free Internet, Calls & SMS Trick, Jio Happy New Year Offer; We all are enjoying Jio Welcome Offer which is valid till 31st December 2016 (Extended from 3rd December 2016). Jio is now having millions of subscribers in while India & that are growing rapidly day by day. We are already aware with Jio services, which seems good. In mid-time, Jio had to face the call drops problem, slow internet speed problem, but later all would be solved frequently.

Talking from starting about Jio to get in detail that what really they wanna do. Jio came in this year surprisingly with LYF smartphones & put a condition in front of all that those who buy LYF smartphones will get Jio Preview Offer, valid for three months.

Later on, they announced that they have extended their preview offer, means from that time offer is valid till 31st December 2016 & offer is named as Jio Welcome Offer. Soon they started to sponsor with another smartphone companies and announced that Jio welcome offer is also valid for that smartphones.

After all, a good news arrives that from now anyone having a 4G handset will get Jio welcome offer and enjoy free services till 31st December 2016. Interesting Isn’t it?

Now, what’s next?

Services are already very meritorious now why again this another welcome offer.

Jio Welcome Offer 2

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Why Jio Welcome Offer 2 Will launch? Jio Happy New Offer Launched…

First reason why they do so is,

TRAI ( Telecom Regular Authority of India )

According to rules of TRAI, no telecom service provider will run any promotional offer more than 90 days & their 90 days are ending on 3rd December 2016. They have requested to extend it and now Jio Welcome Offer will end on 31st December 2016.

Now you can easily see that extending the same offer is quite difficult for them. So, they may have to launch another offer “Jio Welcome Offer 2“. Jio Happy New year offer launched.

Another solid reason why they launch second welcome offer is

100 Million Subscribers Still Not Achieved

Jio has assumed that at the end of year 2016 they will get 100 million+ subscribers but this dream not come true. In lack of their approach they want to make a solid plan again to hit that unachievable target. Well, you can see that getting 100 Million subscribers is not an easy task.

You can see that even after providing all services for free Reliance Jio is unable to hit that target by last of the year 2016. So this is may an another perfect reason why they are launching ” Jio Welcome Offer 2 “. Jio Happy New year launched.

Want to be a Best Telecom Service provider

Jio also want to become a best telecom service provider of India and for that they need lots customers, in fact more than any another telecom service provider. This might be an another reason why they will launch Jio Welcome Offer 2. Named Jio Happy New Year Offer and launched it

Jio Welcome Offer 2: Launch Date (Jio Happy New Year Launched)

As we got news, this will be announced on 3rd December 2016 or 31st December 2016. On above dates, Mukesh Ambani may announce about their another welcome offer or might end all rumors from this market related to Jio welcome offer 2.

Update: Today, at 1:30PM (IST), Mukesh Ambani will announce about the update in Jio welcome offer or end all rumor.

Look at scenario of Jio’s company growth & capacity, it might be possible that they launch Jio Welcome Offer 2. But nothing would be said about it, and now it’s only rumor.

We will update about another welcome offer on our site after official announcement.

Update: Mukesh Ambani has announced Jio Happy New Offer in which you will get 1GB 4G mobile data, free voice calls, free 100 SMS daily. Jio Happy New Year is automatically applied to your existing SIM card, no need to buy new SIM card. Have fun!

Limitations Of Jio Happy New Year Offer 

Yes, Jio Happy New Year Offer has few limitations in itself. But not that much to think a lot. Jio Welcome offer is also limited now to 4GB data per day but now in Jio Happy New Year Offer you will get,

  • 1GB 4G Data Per Day
  • Free Voice Calls
  • Free 100 SMS

This is also good & enough for a normal user. Better to get Jio SIM card right now, if still haven’t got it.

Important Points of Mukesh Ambani’s Speech regarding Jio (Jio Happy New Year Offer)

  • Live with five million subscribers.
  • 6 million subscribers are increasing every day.
  • Thanked to Government of India and TRAI.
  • With the help of Aadhar card, activation is faster.
  • Compared from Facebook, Jio grown faster.
  • Operators did not provide much support.
  • Live in the call block are low.
  • They will do home delivery of Jio SIM.
  • Supporting mobile number porting for those who don’t want to change their existing number.
  • eKYC will help Jio SIM to activate within 5 minutes.
  • Free till March 31 for new customers as well as old customers.

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