Reliance Jio Will Add UPI Payment Apps Inside Jio Phones

Reliance Jio Will Add

Reliance Jio is working with NPCI to increase the demand for UPI Apps Google Pay and Phone Pay in India. Reliance Jio Will Add. According to reports, Reliance Jio is working with NPCI. NPCI stands for National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). This will bring UPI payments to Jio phones.

Jio is working on NPCI infrastructure. They were working on this even before the Facebook deal. It is expected that working with NPCI will bring UPI apps for all the JioPhone users out there. Also, the move by Jio will encourage people for online payments and broaden the reach of Digital PaymentS in India.

Reliance Jio Will Add

The work is happening for a long time, but when the deal will roll out is still in darkness.

Reliance Jio Will Add – NPCI Will Expand UPI Platforms:

National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) which looks out the working of UPI apps is looking to expand the reach of UPI apps in India. The Government has announced a lockdown period and take has increased the use of UPI platforms. UPI apps are now hit in the market.

This is the first drop in the monthly value of UPI Apps. Also, after the Facebook-Jio deal, UPI users will increase as soon as the Facebook-owned app WhatsApp gets government nod for WhatsApp Pay.

Reliance Jio Will Add

Since Jio phones run on KaiOS. KaiOS is different from Android and iOS. Jio is working a separate NPCI library which will bring the payment screen where the users will put password after starting a transaction. UPI network and payment apps will intrigue the stakeholders.

Vista Will Invest Money On Jio Platforms:

In other reports, Vista has acquired a 2.32% stake in Jio. Vista has invested rupees 11,367 crores in Jio Platforms. After the deal, Vista has become the second-largest investor of Jio after Facebook.

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