Samsung’s Future Smartphone Might Have a Surround Display, Sliding Camera


INTRO: Apart from performing on its next-gen Galaxy devices and new TWS earphones, Samsung is now performing on a replacement quite smartphone, following the trend of flexible displays. According to a recent patent, the Seoul-based tech giant is now performing on a singular smartphone that comes with a surround display and a transparent casing.

The report comes from popular Dutch media, LetsGoDigital and it claims that the Galaxy smartphone-makers filed a patent a few first-of-its-kind device for the corporate with a wrap-around display and a unique sliding mechanism. The 70-page patent, vaguely named “Electronic Device”, states that there’ll be no physical buttons on the device and it’ll have a 100% screen-to-body ratio.

Samsung device with 100% screen to body ratio 1

The Samsung device will haven’t any bezel in the least and there’ll be screen land everywhere it. Moreover, Samsung states that they’re going to be employing a transparent casing for the device. The company can use transparent acrylic or polymer materials which will transmit light to form this special casing.

So, this, as per the patent, can open up a lot of possibilities for the device. For example, the device could adapt to an environment (kind of sort of a chameleon) by combining the transparent casing and therefore the array of external camera sensors.

Now, talking about the sensors, the device comes with an in-display fingerprint sensor and an under-display camera sensor at the front. However, because the device is usually screen, both at the front and back, the corporate hid the first back camera behind the unique sliding mechanism that i discussed earlier. So, initially glance, the rear camera wouldn’t be visible to users, until they slump the wrap-around display a touch .

Hence, as you’ll imagine, the doubtless game-changing device from Samsung will have a reasonably futuristic look and pity consumers. However, the probabilities of the device making its thanks to market within the near future are pretty low, because it remains in its concept stage.

Nonetheless, it’s always great to ascertain what the main players within the smartphone industry are up to with future smartphones. And consistent with the report, Samsung, when it launches the device, might add it to the Galaxy Z Fold series.

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