Samsung Is Bringing Its ‘Alt Z Life’ Features to Galaxy A51, Galaxy A71


INTRO: When it involves features for hiding away personal files, images, and more, Android makers have all come up with their own, usually solid solutions. Samsung’s new Alt Z Life features aim to form it easier for users to take care of a divide between their private apps, files, etc, and therefore the public space on their phone.

The South Korean giant is now bringing these features to the Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 with a replacement update. If you saw our recent video on these new Alt Z Life features, you were likely expecting this update since we talked about it within the video. However, if you haven’t seen that video yet, I’m embedding it below so you’ll inspect Alt Z Life features in action for yourself.

Alt Z Life

As a fast refresher, Alt Z Life brings a replacement Quick Switch mode and Content Suggestions. With Quick Switch mode, you’ll simply double press the facility button to modify between your personal space and public space on your phone. As you’ll imagine, this features a bunch of use cases for everybody. There’s also a replacement Private Camera, that automatically stores pictures during a private gallery in order that they don’t show abreast of your regular camera roll, which also sounds pretty neat.

Content Suggestions basically try to suggest which photos or videos could be personal for you and suggests you place them in your private gallery. We are unsure how Samsung analyses these photos to gauge if they’re personal or not. Hopefully, this happens on-device because if it doesn’t then that’s a problem in itself.

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