Samsung’s Upcoming Smartphone Might Feature a 7000mAh Battery


INTRO: Apart from working on high-end smartphones and environment-friendly charging adapters, Samsung is also aiming to push the battery life of its devices. Now, a recent report suggests that the corporate might bring a whopping 7000mAh battery in their upcoming M-Series smartphone.

According to the report, the Seoul-based company recently certified the Galaxy M41 in China that’s rumored to feature a huge battery. The company reportedly canceled the device previously. However, the recent certification suggests otherwise and also hints that the smartphone will accompany a 6800mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy M41 | 7000 mAh Battery | This Is RIDICULOUS | Hindi ...

The report also states that although the particular rated capacity of the battery is 6800mAh, Samsung might round off that figure to 7000mAh within the promotion of the smartphone. So, the “typical” capacity, which is that the battery capacity shown in promotional events are going to be 7000mAh.

Now, currently, among the Samsung devices, the M31 features the most important battery. However, the battery capacity of the M31 is 6000mAh. And if Samsung can make this leap of another 1000mAh, you’ll imagine how good the battery lifetime of the M41 would be.

Also, a much bigger battery means a much bigger body for the device. The M31 that features the 6000mAh battery is 6.4-inches. Now, it highly unlikely that the larger 7000mAh battery would be smaller than the 6000mAh battery. So, the M41 might feature a much bigger body and, in turn, probably a bigger screen.

Now, if I were you, then I would take all this information with a grain of salt and wait for the company’s official announcement. Until then, all we can do is speculate and we are doing just that. So we have to just wait and watch if our speculations become true or not.

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