Sanitizer and Disinfectant at Home with Aquox’s New DIY Generators


    INTRO: Living through an epidemic is horrifying needless to say , but it’s also quite expensive especially thanks to the sheer amount of sanitizer and disinfectant bottles we are consuming to stay our houses safe and clean. Well, if you’re uninterested in seeing your Amazon order history filled with sanitizers, Aquox new offerings might pique your interest.

    The Indian brand Aquox has launched new Hypochlorous Acid generators on Amazon that you can use to make your very own disinfectant cleaner at home, without any harmful chemicals and in just about 30 seconds.

    AQUOX Fruit & Vegetable Purifier + Surface Disinfectant + Sanitizer | Works  using Water, Salt, Vinegar & Electricity | Hypochlorous Acid Generator  AQ-DG 2000: Health & Personal Care

    There are two new generators that you simply can inspect immediately. The AQ-DG 300 may be a 300ml acid generator. The only things you need to make the sanitizer at home are water, vinegar, and salt. Just put these in the AQ-DG 300, turn it on and it will make hypochlorous acid for you. It also comes with a mist-nozzle built in so you can quickly make the solution and spray it on surfaces, or to sanitize your hands as well.

    The company has also launched the AQ-DG 200 which is slightly more portable and works with a power bank as well so you can use it pretty much anywhere. The process is the same, but you will have to fill the hypochlorous acid into the spray bottle before you can start spraying it on surfaces.

    Both the AQ-DG 300 (Rs. 3,999) and AQ-DG 200 (Rs. 1,599) are available on Amazon right now.

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