How to Send Pictures Without Losing Quality on WhatsApp

how to send pictures without losing quality on WhatsApp

Till now, WhatsApp users are quite afraid of sharing pictures on it without quality loss. With the recent update on WhatsApp, you can now send any file formats up to 100MB without any compression.

Let suppose you want to print your picture received via WhatsApp, so you can’t actually do that because of the compression involved in it causing quality loss. In this case, you either use drive or gmail. Gmail has also limited the attachment size to 20MB for free users.

You might have searches for, how to stop whatsapp compressing photos or how to increase whatsapp picture quality, right? But may not have the perfect soution for it. Today, we will demonstrate the easiest possible way to do so.

So, wanna know how to send pictures without compression on WhatsApp? Keep reading till the end.

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Way to Send Pictures Without Losing Quality on WhatsApp

Before we get started, make sure you’re on the latest version of WhatsApp. If you’re already on it, follow below steps.

  • Launch WhatsApp and Open Chat you want to send picture to.
  • Now, click on the attachments icon on the bottom which is just before the camera icon.
  • Now, choose documents from that.
  • A tab will open with your recent documents.
  • Hit on the ‘Browse Other Docs’ option on the top of all.
  • Now, choose any file type of want .JPG or even .NEF and hit on send.
  • Look at the image below.
  • How to send pictures without losing quality on WhatsApp

Now, Send Pictures Without Losing Quality on WhatsApp!

That’s it. No long steps, no extra application or anything. Now, share full resolution pictures without having the panic of quality loss in mind. We hope this way helps you, so please do share of this post and please comment below if you have any queries.


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