ShareChat’s TikTok Clone ‘Moj’ Garners 50,000+ Downloads in 2 Days


INTRO: Home-grown social media platform, ShareChat, has become a viral hit following the ban on 59 popular Chinese apps in India. It has reportedly gained at least 15 million new downloads since the ban went into effect this week. Now, another app from the same developer is making a splash. The New app Called ‘Moj‘, the new app is out there for free of charge on Google Play and, offers much an equivalent feature as TikTok. It has already garnered quite 50,000 downloads in only two days since its launch on June 30.

Described on its Play Store listing page as “India’s own short video app”, Moj is out there in 15 Indian languages. However, a bit like Sharechat, the list of supported languages doesn’t seem to incorporate English. The app supports 15-second video clips embellished with computer graphics, stickers, and ‘magical emoticons’. As you’d expect from a wannabe TikTok alternative, it also supports lip-syncing.

ShareChat's TikTok Clone 'Moj' Garners 50,000+ Downloads in 2 Days ...

The app further promises “Cutting-edge Magic filters” that permit users to “create exclusive Music Videos with computer graphics at full sync with the music’s beat”. As one would expect, the app is also highlighting its Indian roots. It is being advertised as a “Made in India app for Indian users”. Moj isn’t yet available on iOS, but one would expect that to happen sooner instead of later.

With TikTok becoming one among the most important and most notable casualties of the prevailing anti-China sentiments in India, several new apps are jostling for positions to require over the mantle of India’s most popular short-format video app. Most of these, like Mitron and Chinagari, have faced controversies regarding their data security and privacy policies. One would hope that a longtime developer like ShareChat would take the required precautions to avoid any unwanted attention.

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