Signal, the Secure Messaging App, Adds PIN Support in Profiles


INTRO: Signal is a WhatsApp-like messaging platform that focuses on privacy over any other features. We have compared it with WhatsApp before and also featured it in our list of the best offline messaging platform.

You Can Now Add a PIN To Your Signal Account

Signal to move away from using phone numbers as user IDs | ZDNet

The Signal is a messaging platform that its foremost priority is the privacy thing over any other feature, but now the developers have added another security feature that lets you add a PIN to a Signal account to move your profile across different devices in a hassle-free way. The developers added the PIN support to Signal accounts as a move to secure your profile from any unwanted users. According to reports, the feature is now available to all Signal users.

This PIN Will Encrypt Your All Personal Data Securely

Now, once you activate the feature, you will be able to add a unique PIN to your account. This will be exclusive to your account. You can also use the PIN to securely log in.  The PIN contains a four-digit code or a string of alphanumeric characters. This will encrypt your settings, contacts, and profile information.

Signal introduces PINs to safely transfer your data between devices

If You Lost The PIN Even Developers Cannot Access Your Profile

Now, if you do not know, Signal does not store any data on its servers, much like Telegram. So, without the unique PIN, even the developers cannot access your profile data. You can also use this secure PIN to lock your account to prevent other wicked users to access your Signal data.

The whole purpose of this feature is to secure your Signal account. It can also ease the process of moving your profile to a new device. So, after you activate the PIN, you will have to provide it whenever you transfer your profile to a new device after your own device says, gets lost, or stolen.

Now, as Signal does not store any data on the servers, this PIN is also present locally on your device. So be very cautious and if possible write down your unique PIN somewhere secure so that you do not forget it. Because if you do forget it, there is no way to recover the PIN.


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