The Simpsons Is Coming To Disney+ Hotstar in April, Season 12 Already Streaming

The Simpsons coming to Disney+ Hotstar in April

The arrival of Disney+ Hotstar has brought a lot of new content. From The Mandalorian to DuckTales, and from Gravity Falls to Star Wars: The Clone Wars. All this wasn’t previously available officially on streaming in India, but there’s still a lot that isn’t available here. The Simpsons is coming to Disney+ Hotstar.

A big chunk of that is the long-running animated sitcom The Simpsons and its 30 seasons. (31, if you count the ongoing one.) Thankfully, that will soon be corrected. Disney+ Hotstar has announced that The Simpsons will arrive on its platform in India by the end of April. So there isn’t that long of a wait left.

Replying to user complaints about The Simpsons on Twitter, Disney+ Hotstar customer service said that The Simpsons “will be available on Disney+ Hotstar by 30th April.” The operative word here is “by”. It suggests that The Simpsons could arrive before that. (Disney+ Hotstar was not available for comment.) And that seems to be the case, indeed.

Simpsons coming to Disney+ Hotstar in April

Gadgets 360 has discovered that The Simpsons season 12, which originally aired in 2000–2001 on Fox in the US. It is already live on Disney+ Hotstar in its entirety. But you will be greeted by a “404 not found” error if you navigate to the show page.

Why wasn’t The Simpsons made Live on the launch date?

The fact that all 30 seasons of The Simpsons weren’t made live on launch day suggests that it’s a rights issue. Though the fact one of them is already live somewhat complicates that argument. Maybe it’s possible that Disney India doesn’t have the rights to all of The Simpsons as yet. The reason why it’s chosen end of April to make sure that the show is ready for good for fans and potential new viewers. If you plan to watch all of it — please don’t — you’re looking at a 14-day non-stop commitment.

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