Skype Gets Custom Backgrounds In The Latest Update

Skype Gets Custom Backgrounds Latest Update

Due to the coronavirus, everyone is relying on video conferencing apps. Whether it be, video chatting with your pals or meeting with your peers and boss. Having to clean our rooms to make video calls and attend meetings was quite stressful. Skype Gets Custom Backgrounds Latest Update.

Zoom Added Custom Backgrounds:

Zoom has introduced custom backgrounds. Now you can add backgrounds of your choice.

Skype Gets Custom Backgrounds Latest Update

Social Distancing And Video Calls:

Now as people are maintaining social distance, video conferencing apps are the only way to keep you connected with everyone. Competing video conferencing apps like, Microsoft Teams, now Microsoft’s Skype is the next app who has added this feature in their app.

Skype Gets Custom Backgrounds Latest Update – Latest Update Of Skype:

With the latest version of Skype, you can now use custom backgrounds on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Web. However, the Microsoft Store version of Skype doesn’t support the feature just yet and you’ll have to download the application from Skype’s Website to use it.

As Engadget points out, custom backgrounds from Walt Disney Studios or the ones offered by HBO would instantly level up your video call’s overall aesthetics.

Skype Gets Custom Backgrounds Latest Update

Not only custom background adding, but the new update has also brought quick file sharing via Skype. This feature is available only on Mac devices. Skype users using Mac can right click on a file in Finder. Then Choose Open With Skype to share the files.

This update also gives call control in the chat menu itself.

As Zoom is having some security issues, now would be a good time to check out the good-old Skype to know if it suits your use-case and your team’s daily workflow.

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