Snapchat Now Lets You Add Music to Your Snaps on iOS


INTRO: Rejoice, Snapchat users! Your favorite social media app now finally has the choice to feature music to Stories. This feature was first tested in New Zealand and Australia over the past coupled of months before being unrolled globally. it’s the newest weapon in Snapchat’s arsenal against its arch-rivals, TikTok and Instagram.

How to Add Music to Snapchat Stories?

While this is often a much-awaited feature and can help users perk up their stories, there’s a serious catch. This feature is merely available to iOS users across the world at the instant. there’s no word on when Snapchat will bring an equivalent to Android users.  If you would like to feature music or sounds to your Snapchat stories, then follow the steps below:

1. Open Snapchat and you’ll see a replacement ‘musical note’ icon at the highest right.

new icon - snapchat story

2. Tap the ‘musical note’ icon to ascertain an inventory of suggested songs pop-up. you’ll then hear and pick the song of your choice. Now, hit the ‘Next’ button at rock bottom and therefore the app will allow you to select the a part of the track that you simply like.

snapchat pick song new

3. And voila, you’ve got now added music to your Snapchat Story. plow ahead and click on an image or record a video to share an equivalent together with your friends.

Now, if your friend uploads a Snapchat Story with sounds, then you’ll see a music sticker with the song’s name and artist therein story itself. you’ll swipe up to look at more details like the album art, and hit the ‘Play this song’ button to concentrate thereto via third-party streaming apps like Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

Android users, well, you’ll still believe Spotify music stickers to let friends know of your great music tastes, mood, and easily , recommend any new songs you encounter while scrolling through Discover Weekly.

Snapchat Misses the Mark

Also, Snapchat users are already furious over how this feature has been implemented. The app features a limited song selection and doesn’t allow you to simply pick the song of your choice. It presents an inventory of suggested songs, that’s all. it’s disappointing to ascertain the shortage of an inquiry option for the song library.

Snapchat tested the feature for 2 months and didn’t receive this feedback. That’s a touch unbelievable but let’s hope it can implement the search feature during a future update. Also, you can’t upload your own sounds or music – a well-liked feature in TikTok, but Snapchat aims to start out testing and roll out something similar very soon.

The company isn’t talking about the dimensions of the music catalog and seeing this whole not-so-impressive implementation makes me skeptical of its success. Snapchat also doesn’t want to TikTok or Reels. It doesn’t have a fanatical pane for viewing/ liking content uploaded by random users.

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